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popular male manipulation phrases

Popular male manipulation phrases


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Usually women are accused of manipulation and intrigue, but in fact men are also noticed behind this “dirty” occupation, so 1:1.

Top 5 common phrases-manipulations:

I thought you were different…

Continuation of the phrase: “… and you are the same as everyone else. This is the phrase of the offended men! He hoped so much and believed that you would be an obedient girl…

It is pronounced in order to make the girl prove that she is “the right one”. And every man puts his meaning into the concept of “the right one”. For example, the ideal woman is the one who does not ask for flowers and gifts, walks in the same dress for 10 years and loves to spend every summer in the countryside, not at sea resorts …

You are better at it.

Men say that when they try to shift all the duties around the house to their beloved one. For example, a woman asks her husband to prepare an omelette while she gathers her daughter to school. And the head of the family to be quickly with the answer: “You have a better omelette than me. On the one hand, this phrase sounds like a compliment, but on the other hand, it disguises ordinary male laziness.

I will not spend money on repairs because I am not the owner of this apartment.

When a woman hears this phrase, she immediately feels guilty for putting pressure on the man. She even gets sympathy and doesn’t bring up the subject anymore.

Quite often, when a man lives with a woman in her apartment or with her parents, she resorted to this manipulation. Such behavior gives out a real squeeze and freeloader. That is, he will live with a woman under one roof without investing money while she spends money on the arrangement of their joint nest. After all, this is her apartment, so let her spend money on repairs or furniture.

You are already beautiful.

This manipulation is as old as the world, but still very effective, because the girls continue to be on it. For example, a couple in love walks around the mall, a girl looks at the windows of boutiques and suddenly sees the dress of her dreams. Of course, like any other representative of the beautiful half of humanity, she cannot resist and asks her boyfriend to buy it. A cunning man, knowing how the girls are falling for flattery tells her: “Why do you need this dress, you’re already beautiful? Men say the same thing when a girl asks for money for a manicure or hairdo.

You are a woman!

The last and crown phrase for all men. By the way, women have the same exact phrase-manipulation – “you’re a man”.

Where we hear such phrases usually follow “you should/should” based on gender stereotypes.

A man uses this manipulation almost every day in different spheres of life. Deciding for a woman what she should do, because she was born a woman. And she should do a lot of things at once: cook, wash, clean, raise children, serve her husband (because he is tired after work, and she is not tired at work, because she is a woman!), perform marital duty and tolerate, tolerate, tolerate, tolerate. And when nice ladies grumble that they are not housekeepers, they are quickly reminded of the women’s share and responsibilities.

In fact, all the manipulations are not counted, I have brought the most frequent and well-known to many girls, so that they do not fall into the trap of their partners. The meaning of all manipulations comes down to the desire to control their soul mate, to control her feelings, emotions, pressing the levers of control and getting the desired behavior.