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Panic attacks and psychotrauma. What lessons do they have for personality, soul, spirit?

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Panic attacks and psychotrauma. What lessons do they have for personality, soul, spirit?

Panic attacks and their metaphysical causes in different sources are interpreted in their own way. Someone claims that we are talking about injuries (mostly physical violence or verbal aggression in various forms, the memory of which is too bright and can be activated even by smells, waiting for repetition); others stretch their threads to the unstable psyche, alcohol, drugs, side effects of medicines; others talk about addiction and spirits attacks; the fourth indicate excessive sensitivity of the body, violently reacting to insignificant danger; Fifth argue that everything is completely contrived. An excellent session of colleagues on this topic:

Q: What is a panic attack for the human Mind / Person?

In essence, this is a short circuit, a short circuit of conflicts and conflicting beliefs.
For example, a woman, and feels for the most part a man, one can say that her circumstances make you feel that way. She is either alone, or next to her is an infantile man … and she has to play not her own role in life, but the role of a peasant.

And any other example of contradictions: beautiful – ugly, abundance and its absence. But basically it happens when a person is engaged in some business, not at will, contrary to his convictions, and does not see any real benefit from what he is doing, just so it is necessary.
Recently, we had a girl at the reception, where the PAs were activated when someone started to hit the ball on the floor next to her. And on the one hand, we found out that in childhood she received a strong blow with the ball to the head and there was born a fear that this situation could happen again. But at a deeper level there was fear of the Higher Forces / Nature, which are played by a person like a ball, with each measure there is a knock, a person knocks on the floor, in a figurative sense, of course. Those. the contradiction that on the one hand God must be trusted, because he defends, and on the other hand, that the Higher Forces can and "punishment of God" send.

Q: And here we smoothly approach the question, what are panic attacks from the point of view of the Soul?

From this point of view, the PA is, above all, distrust of the Higher Forces, the Creator, the Universe, and its attitude to the world around it as hostile. Man feels like a stranger in this world.

Q: What makes them feel alienated?

Here we move to the area of ​​more subtle matters, to the notion that the Soul is an immortal substance, which is embodied many, many times, in different worlds, learning, gaining experience and knowledge. And very often this experience begins very positively. Souls often remember how good they were to TAM, where they came from, and part of their soul is therefore constantly in that moment of TAM. The difference between THERE and HERE. The soul remembers and feels it because a part of the Soul is still in that other experience where it was good.

By and large, all this is a consequence of a large fragmentation of the Soul. And here, as a vicious circle, it turns out, the Soul was initially weakened by this feeling of separation from its home part, where it was very easy and good. Numerous psychological traumas lay down on this feeling of separation and dissatisfaction, which further aggravates the fragmentation of the Soul.

Q: What is characteristic of psychotrauma, causing panic attacks?

A characteristic feature is the cyclical nature of these injuries. There are injuries on a particular topic, with a certain frequency, after which the person himself begins to expect it. Moreover, there should be some time between injuries, during which a person tries (or does NOT try) to save himself from the consequences of it, and as soon as the experience diminishes, only he begins to calm down, the next injury happens, and so on. A person falls into a loop, in a vicious circle, looped in a traumatic situation.

Injuries can be very different with this. But this cyclicality creates a program, an energy circuit that attracts the Essence of the subtle plans, which further supports its uninterrupted work (energy release, lunch for the Essences that feed on this energy, occurs on schedule). When the circuit is fully saturated, up to the limits of its capacity, the PA occurs, during which the energy is removed to power the Entity.

Finally form the panic attacks of the Entity from the outside. They control the mind of a person, or influence him within certain limits, causing a person, for example, to get annoyed or to experience fear.

Most of these Entities, by and large, is a rejected (and feral) part of the same person. The rupture of the Soul of a person occurs in moments of pain or non-acceptance (rejection) of some of their qualities. For example, a person once for a long time betrayed someone and then felt very guilty, and this feeling of guilt, as it were, ate him up from within. At this moment, in defending his psyche, he seemed to decide to “forget” the part of himself that committed this treachery, he seemed to say – “I didn’t do it”, and at that moment the Soul breaks.

Those. we must first find and work out these qualities that a person rejects in himself.

Q: Are there any other causes of panic attacks?

Yes there is. This is the fear of death and the fear of non-existence. There is a narrowing of human consciousness, a concentration on fears, and then the PA program receives priority. Consequently, the task here is to expand perception. An example is when a person with a PA is fascinated by a hobby, some very, very interesting thing, and this simply displaces the PA, and the PA program can then lose its priority.

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Q: What is Panic Attack at Spirit Level?

During the PA, a person is as close to his Spirit as he is far from him. Fear prevents a person from realizing his Spirit. Imagine the image of a circle (the symbol of the Spirit) and during the PA there is an increase in luminosity, a wave almost to the end, but somewhere at the top there is a jumper, which is fear, not allowing the Spirit to realize itself, to merge into both parts of the Spirit wave. One side of the circle symbolizes acceptance, and the other negation. These waves reach the top point, but fear forms a jumper that prevents them from merging.

For the Spirit, the PA is a bell, a reminder to the Soul of its Path, about what state, what jungles it can fall if a person continues in the same spirit. That is, it is a shake-up call. Moreover, if fear is abruptly removed during the PA, then this situation will be equated with Enlightenment, such a volume of energy has been accumulated, a huge surge of awareness is possible. Only a small layer of fear interferes with this. A PA is a conflict at its apogee, a conflict of beliefs at different levels, including spiritual values, it is a conflict of denial and acceptance, but fear does not make it clear that the essence of all this is One.

Fear is based on the belief that man is a body. Those. a spiritually weak, immature person, cannot effectively work through his fears. Therefore, he must cultivate and strengthen his spiritual essence, strengthen his spiritual axis, cognize himself as a being as he is in the Spirit, practically know that man is not only a body, but also something more. That is, the PA is a kick, forcing a person to realize something in his life. And if the kick is not needed, then the PA is not needed. It simply passes because it embarks on this path and thereby manifests its intention to develop and engages in energy practice. That is, with his energy practices, he manifests his intention, signals his Spirit – I WAKEN UP! And the Spirit says – well, OK, you no longer need PA.

It turns out that a panic attack is a call to a person, that he is not going there, that he is stuck, like any other disease. After all, it comes after not one event, but several unproduced ones, such as “oh, you did not understand …” But to remove the PA, it is enough to realize the cause of the event, which turned on the PA mechanism and it is removed, and the person begins to believe (helped himself) in the power of his consciousness and Spirit. Awareness of the cause helps him cope with fear.

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