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On the Christian attitude to political events

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On the Christian attitude to political events

Russia is a huge country, and 146 million people live here. We are all very different and we live very differently.

And we have a lot of problems. We have at the same time a flood in the Irkutsk region (the city of Tulun, recently half-flooded with water, is being evacuated again), terrible forest fires throughout Siberia (and a petition is worth signing on this occasion), and protesters took to the streets in Moscow. Police detained nearly a half thousand people, were injured. The confrontation lasted all day.

I will refrain from appointing the right and the guilty. I will focus on two parts of this story.

Hieromonk John and the protesters in the church of St. Cosmas and Damian in Shubin. 07/27/19

The first is the act of Hieromonk John (Guaita) (in general his name is Giovanni, he is an Orthodox Italian). It so happened that the church where Father John serves is located literally across the street from the Moscow City Hall, the center of protests. And when the police began to push the crowd and detain people, Father John allowed those who were scared to go into the temple.

Here is the story of Father John. Please note that he does not figure out what the whole fuss is about. He does not convict the authorities, but also does not shame the protesters. He fulfills his priestly duty – he prays with people and speaks with them about God.

F. Bronnikov. Baptism of Prince Vladimir. 1883

And the second hint gives us a calendar. The day after the protests, the Church remembered Prince Vladimir, the baptist of Russia. Former before gaining faith by a cunning politician and murderer, the prince radically changed after. And among other things – he refused the death penalty (and in the yard actually the X century, no Geneva Conventions have yet been invented) with the wording "I'm afraid of sin."

Not “it will be better from the point of view of management”, not “such are the conditions of our esteemed partners”, not “it is financially profitable”, but “I'm afraid of sin”. Instead of the practical logic of convenience, a consideration of a completely different nature is included. And that is why Vladimir is a saint equal to the apostles. Because he was afraid of sin.

And I see in these two circumstances an example for myself. That you can find yourself in the very center of the raging human element, but remain free from its rampage. What is important is not the reason why a person entered the temple, but the opportunity to pray together. What is important is to avoid sin, and not to measure everything with the standard of worldly expediency.

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