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Non-working post

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Non-working post

Now Petrov is fasting, and this once again provokes a discussion – what is fasting, and why is it needed, and how does the refusal of fast food and spiritual work correlate, and whether fasting is needed in summer, and even every year is different, and so on .

And also about why the post "does not work." Roughly speaking, why it happens, and it is often that a person has fasting, and instead of benefit, instead of greater zeal in the affairs of the Spirit, a person gets annoyed, tired and a little tired, instead of joy about God and love for others.

And among other understandable reasons, such as long-standing habits and passions, laziness, inability to follow the chosen decision and build priorities, there is one more – our common incorporeality.

Look here. For example, I live in a camp on an island for a week. Where food is cooked on a fire, water is carried in a bucket, and they sleep in a tent, wash themselves from a bucket and wash with their hands. And where you need a lot and quite hard work with your hands.

That is, we live in the camp almost as people lived at the time when the post was invented. Almost – because, unlike people of at least a century and a half ago, we have electricity, gasoline engines, flashlights, plastic, polyethylene, and even the Internet.

But the post was coined entirely for other people. In which most of his life was occupied by difficult physical work, on which survival depended. These people did not have a particular choice of lifestyle, there was no free time, there was no opportunity to reflect or even seriously notice their experiences. There was no time and not before.

The physical, material side of life was much clearer, more significant and more important than the soul. And when our ancestors heard the words of Christ that the soul is more food, and the body is more important than clothes – they heard, if not something completely new, but in any case something unusual.

It is natural for modern townspeople to live not with their body, but with their soul. We think a lot, read a lot, experience a lot. And when we go online, we lose the body completely, because to move around on the world wide web, you just have to think and move a couple of fingers. That is why people hang out in the network, forgetting about time: time is measured by the process of material change, and the network is incorporeal.

I am far from thinking “life has changed, the rules of fasting need to be changed.” But another thought is close to me: “If you want the bodily post to“ work, ”try to bring the body back into your life.” It doesn’t matter whether it will be a regular sport, physical work or just long walks on foot (so that you’re tired) – one way or another, in order for the body exercises to work, you need to have it at all.

As for an illiterate stone-cutter, whose life is divided into hard work and sleep, the subtle analyst of spiritual states is meaningless, so the fasting body passes by the modern citizen immersed in the abyss of information flows.

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