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Non-spiritual meetings

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Non-spiritual meetings

We continue to discuss whether the Orthodox faith and opposition political activism are compatible. In particular, is it worth it for the Orthodox to go to rallies. Sergei Bystrushkin answers the interview with Alexey Minyaylo.

March 26 in Russia held rallies. All this was very interesting to me, in many respects because many of my believing entourage were there that day, and some even, as they say in the people, “raked”. Reading later their stories, what was done to them in the bullpen, how the accusations were fabricated and what kind of state in general was evil, I asked myself – and which side am I on? Well, I can not indifferently study all these "cries of the soul", it is necessary to take someone's side. On the one hand, they shout to me: “Why did you not go with us ?!”, and on the other: “You did it right, they are shaking the state system!”. So what is the position closer to me?

Not that and not another. And most of all it is disgusting that biblical appeals are heard from both sides. Lord, I thought, well, at least here we can do without it. Not! The opposition, in my opinion, learned not bad how to go to the enemy with his own weapon. After all, we now have “clamps”. Well, many Orthodox resources also often write apologetic articles about the sacredness of power. Reading is disgusting. But there was also an article by Alexey Minyaylo, in which he actually argued that it was the duty of a Christian to fight against godless authority in all possible ways. At some point, the text sounded like the following: “If the laws are stupid and passed by criminals, should they be followed?”

In this place I began to get annoyed. I do not like it when some point of view is actively imposed on me, and a special base is put under it. Here's how to prove that Jesus called for the overthrow of the system? The link to the story with the dinar does not work. He just once and for all separated the secular and the spiritual. That’s all. In His speeches there was no incitement to revolt – it was actually Him who rejected His own people. But the appeal to excessive loyalty, which Orthodox monarchists sin so much, I also cannot find with Him. I have to conclude that, on the basis of their political orientation, people are trying to see in Christ a communist, a liberal or a violent monarchist – who is closer to whom.

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<p>Why I was not at the rally? And I have to be there? The Bible does not call me to this at all. By the way, in the Old Testament two traditions coexist very harmoniously – monarchical and anti-monarchical. When King David was in favor, and Israel flourished with him, the biblical writers chanted him. But already during the Plen of him completely different memories remained, and they too were reflected in the Scripture. So did the Bible for the king or against, I had to hear? I remember very well how TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, using the example of a golden calf, proved what democracy leads to. And only the Bible is not for it and not against it. She is generally about something else.</p><div class='code-block code-block-3' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Alexey said a lot of things with which I, in principle, it is difficult to argue. What, is it possible to approve corruption? Price increase? The standard of living to which we have come? The arbitrariness of officials? Of course not! But to hear from the mouth of an Orthodox man that he sees nothing wrong with breaking the law in the name of justice — this is where I already shake my head. Everything has a limit. Sometimes the war for truth turns out to be even more untrue. Need time to stop.

I do not believe the leaders, who, fifteen minutes after the start of the rally, are taken away in a cozy paddy wagon so that he will not be caught up in the general batch. I don’t believe in any opposition leader. Yes, I am a conspiracy expert, but I believe that they all play their roles. And we are simply participating in this sresessirovannogo play for the release of steam. It seems like they made some noise, went their separate ways and everyone calmed down. At the same time added points to the campaign Navalny. Thank you all, everyone is happy.

It was often heard that it was impossible to attend such events during Lent. The most controversial argument. Looks like the one that was presented to Christ: how dare He on Saturday to heal the paralytic? It's not about when to go, but why? I will not say for the hundredth time that I consider it a crime to have moms with young children there. Worse, the people themselves did not understand why they came there. Support Navalny? Snort on Medvedev? Hang out? Or really declare that everything is catastrophically bad in the country?

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I watched the speeches from the rally, saw the speeches of the famous Glebushka Takmakov, who is now considered almost the last hope of the nation (what kind of nation do we have if a schoolchild cheats all the problems of state importance?). But he did not see anyone offering a real constructive dialogue with the authorities. Speaking about myself, I would really dream that one day at such a rally a real mediator between the government and the people would appear. Not lowered to us from above, but, as they say, from the bottom. Not biased by someone, but acting on the call of the heart. Just because he cares. And I will not care whether he is a Christian, a Muslim or an atheist. The main thing is that he was a man.

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