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Nine Favorite Family Movies

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Nine Favorite Family Movies

Summer is a great time. Vacation, holidays – when else, if not now, you can watch a good movie with the whole family, to discuss and express your opinion later. We offer you a top of nine family films that encourage you to think and talk about today's world, mores, good and evil, truth and lies, faith and disbelief.

“My Domestic Dinosaur” (New Zealand, UK, Australia, 2007, dir. Jay Russell. 12+)

Slogan: "All big starts small."

Good, beautiful film about Scotland. The fabulous story of the friendship between a boy and a dinosaur will appeal to children. But there are moments in the film that will make adults feel anxiety. The decoration of the picture can be called wonderful music with Celtic folk motifs.

The boy Angus does not believe that his father will not return from the war. He is silent and lonely, he wanders along the shore and remembers his dad. And suddenly he finds an egg, which turns out to be a dinosaur egg. He brings home and hides him from everyone as long as it is possible … Among the war and the guns, he alone hopes and believes and carefully keeps what nature has given him.

“In the Wild” (USA, 2007, dir. Sean Penn. 16+)

A successful young man named Christopher suddenly leaves all his property, gives out all his money and goes hitchhiking to Alaska, where he dreams of finding peace against the background of wild nature, without money, without fuss, without the hypocrisy of society. The path is long and difficult, but the guy has his dream, and he achieves the goal.

This is a film about real freedom. First of all, from false values. Wealth, social status – all this is irrelevant for Christopher. And also about the present, but filled with loneliness. You can be lonely in the city. And you can be happy and with an open heart – in the wild. After all, "happiness is only present when it is with whom to share."

"Stars on Earth" (India, 2007, dir. Aamir Khan, Amol Gupte. 0+)

Slogan: "Every child is unique."

Eight-year-old Ishan is different from other children: it is difficult for him that for others it is very simple. When the boy fails the exams at school again, his father sends him to a boarding school. The only person who sees in Ishan is a drawing teacher, Ram Nikumb, who decides to change the boy's life.

Everyone in this world is very important to know that there is at least one person who can understand and accept you. This need is almost the same as water and air. The film speaks of a simple thing: starting from yourself, you can change everything around. Everyone can take off – you just need to know that you will be caught downstairs, if anything, strong hands – just as in the final scene Nikumbus catches Ishan.

“We are with a grandfather” (Russia, 2014, dir. Alexander Kulyamin. 6+)

At first this film seems very simple, but the further you look, the more impression it makes. Timothy's boyfriend is sent to his grandfather's village for the summer. First, the grandson and grandfather do not get along, but after a while they become friends. And then an accident happens …

This is a film about everyday life – which are very few and which help to appreciate and love their small homeland, their loved ones. Kind and sincere movie about eternal values.

“The Incredible Adventures of Mr. Spivat” (France, 2014, dir. Jean-Pierre Jean. 6+)

The film is about traveling again – this time about how a little boy travels around bright and a little popular print America. And about loneliness – this time about loneliness within the family.

A 10-year-old genius inventor named TS Spivet goes to the Washington Institute to collect his reward. The boy escapes from the house, where he has a father, mother and older sister. Four loneliness under one roof, and the young TS is the hardest here: he has a great mind and various small everyday difficulties. And, despite all its genius, TS is just a child.

The story in the film is in the first person — from TS. The world through the eyes of a child is simple and illogical. “The Incredible Adventures of Mr. Spivat” – an attempt by the authors to say again that we should not ignore those who are near. And, perhaps, after the film, parents will want to hug their children. Even if they have already grown.

“Thoughts on Freedom” (USA, 2005, dir. Carroll Ballard. 0+)

Again, a boy and a wild animal: after all, when there is such a terrible and unpredictable world around, cheating a cheetah is the easiest thing!

Severe South African landscapes, lions, crocodiles, turbulent rivers and 12-year-old Ksan, who wants to set free his wild but cute friend.

A beautiful adventure film about friendship and devotion, about growing up and gaining experience, about family and the value of freedom. After the film, once again you begin to wonder who is more likely a person or an animal for whom there are no material values, but only affection and friendship.

The series "Little Men" (Canada, 1998-1999. Rating PG – recommended the presence of parents)

This series on the works of Louise Mae Elkot will make your evenings unforgettable, you will run to the screen in anticipation of new adventures. Good and useful film – both for children and for adults. The optimal age for viewing – from 9-10 years old, small will not work, as there are some scary moments. The series can be called partly psychological – the life situations of children in a private school are shown, sometimes very difficult ones.

The beginning of the 60s of the XIX century – difficult times for all of America, and for Josephine Baer. After the death of her husband, Joe headed the school for boys. She will overcome many difficulties with the help of old friends and wonderful students of her school …

“Pir Babbety” (Denmark, 1987, dir. Gabriel Axel)

One of the best films in Christian movie ratings. 19th century Denmark, modest dwellings and life, harsh nature and manners …

What is this picture about? About talents. About “serving one another, each with the gift that one received” (1 Pet 4:10). A delicious cake or a good shot, a kind word or a skillfully downloaded film, a radiant smile or a button sewn, a warm hug, or … what you are able to do.

“Footprints in the snow” (UK, 1980, dir. Mike Pritchard)

High in the Swiss Alps, a little boy, Denis, fell off a cliff. Lucien, a 13-year-old boy, suffers from feelings of guilt because he scared him at that moment. He decided not to show his eyes to either his family or school friends, and especially Annette, the sister of a fallen neighbor boy. Having become a voluntary outcast, he gradually goes to repentance, to realization, to faith and to forgiveness.

An amazing, very touching film based on the eponymous book by the famous American writer Patricia St. John, which you can also read on our website. About human misdeeds and Acts, about revenge, about conscience, that God is near. You can watch the whole family.

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