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Nikita Fedutinov … We did everything we could

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Nikita Fedutinov … We did everything we could

Nikita Fedutinov is dead. The boy, who collected 29 million on an artificial heart, so that he could wait for the present. We bought him time, which was very expensive. He had surgery and his chest was closed, everything was going well, yesterday he was playing with his mother, and today he died.

He was two years old, but he chatted great. A video with Nikita leafing through a children's book with her mom is in his support group on the Internet. It was an unprecedented adventure – to decide on a collection of 29 million. So much is a few apartments in Moscow, and it was necessary to assemble quickly. But it all worked out! And so everyone believed in Nikita. Before our eyes, one miracle happened, and the second was to happen. But nothing came of it.

And now it may seem that we have lost. Those anonymous sacrificed, who closed the collection with sums of 500 thousand, and those who looked at the balance of the card – how much is left before the advance to transfer, if only a little, but for Nikita. Each of these victims was important and large. And she was not in vain, even if it seems that way.

I know what it is to live with the thought "at least they did everything they could." And this life is very different from the one that accompanies the idea of ​​"what if …". When the father of my daughter disappeared during the expedition in Dagestan, ordinary locals organized there such a large-scale rescue operation, which I had not even seen in the movies. EMERCOM planes flew over the mountains, followed by professional rescuers and local residents from the village, shepherds, hunters. People wrote to me that they took a vacation to go and help him look.

He was found six months later, dead. Most likely, he died before his absence was noticed. But we did everything we could and when the daughter asks if Dad will fly from the sky to her matinee in kindergarten, I clench my teeth so as not to cry and tell myself "everything that could be done."

This will not comfort anyone now. There is nothing worse than burying a child. There are thoughts that come after a long time and do not give rest or, conversely, give rest. We did everything we could. And that was very important.

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