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New books by Konanos and Nikolai Serbsky, lectures on lean food

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New books by Konanos and Nikolai Serbsky, lectures on lean food

Great Lent


Meet the news of our Lenten projects:

– New videos by Hegumen Siluan (Tumanov): “Annunciation or a stub for God?”: “If we, coming from the temple, listening to the Gospel, sniffing the beautiful incense, filled with emotions, are completely defenseless against temptations, temptations, problems that come in the family or from neighbors it is worthless to such Christianity ”; “Transfiguration with the Cross”: “If you are ready to give up on yourself as the measure of all things, then you open up for other people. And this is a rather difficult discovery. ”

– New videos from the series “Seven passionate thoughts: a psychologist's view”: on vanity and on loving love. We prepared the text of a lecture by psychologist Pyotr Dmitrievsky “Passion and dependence: what is the difference and how to fight”.

– New issues of the great Lenten diary of the nun Elizabeth (Senchukova): about the quest of John Climacus and the Cross.

– V. Shallar continues his cycle on phallocracy: the last text is devoted to how Christian asceticism led to the collapse of family values ​​and the sexual revolution. Timur Schukin responded to all this with a polemic review.

– They posted several lectures on lean food: “Great Lent: how not to harm health” by nutritionist T. Sumskaya; “Everything is allowed to me, but not everything is useful”: about a healthy attitude to food ”by psychologist A. Repko and priest A. Vtulin; “The biblical menu. The Old Testament on the “tasty and healthy food” of the biblical priest A. Volchkov.

– They posted a record of the procession in the Week of the Triumph of Orthodoxy in Africa.

– Prepared a digest of materials for the Annunciation: poems, Holy Fathers, books.


EXECUTIVE OPERATION APPLICATION"The heirs of St. Seraphim of Sarov." The theologian Andrei Dudarev – about how the spiritual movement founded by Serafim Sarovsky lived and lives.

"Philosophy in Faces: Søren Kierkegaard." Alexey Lyzlov about may be the greatest Christian philosopher Kierkegaard. Kierkegaard constantly invites us to a deeply personal conversation, and in such a conversation with this amazing thinker we will try to make our lecture.

"Oncology: myths and reality." Professor Vladimir Moiseenko and journalist Veronika Sevostyanova will talk about where the “cancer” disease comes from; what modern European treatment methods are available in Russia, etc.

"Second Adam": Representations of Man in Biblical and Ancient Middle Eastern Cultures. " Olga Astapova talks about Enoch and Moses as images of the Second Adam.

"Nicholas II: family, relationships, Rasputin." The personality of the last Russian emperor, his relationship with his family and the influence of Rasputin will be told by historian Sergei Firsov.

"Personality and Character in Christian Psychology and Psychotherapy." N. Inina, T. Klimova. What are the features of the work of a Christian psychotherapist? How does he differ from representatives of other psychological schools and what ideas about personality and character are guided by?

"Guilt in a marital relationship." Nun Irenaeus (Shcherbakova). In the lecture, such concepts as “guilt”, “guilt”, the differences between the two concepts, the emergence of guilt and overcoming problems in marital relations are studied.

Books and articles

Lovely Loves YouThe Ohrid Prologue is one of the main works of Nikolai Serbsky, a collection of sermons: one sermon for each day of the year.

"Good afternoon, Lord! Book of joyful faith ”is a book of one of the most popular contemporary Orthodox authors, Andreas (Konanos). How to change your attitude towards life? How to look at life truly Christian? How to find joy?

“Notes by Malta Laurids Brigge” is Rilke's “lyric novel”, his main prose, rather, however, is a poem or a series of poems in prose, a series of beautiful and deep sketches and reflections. Added his audio version.

They posted five books by Vasily Rozanov, which represent a single cycle dedicated to the Christian attitude to sex, love, family, marriage, asceticism, etc.

A new audio story was added by hieromonk Roman (Kropotov) – “The Last Judgment through the eyes of a convict”.

Follow-up services alongside: April.

“When the husband is seriously ill” – an article by Anna Suvorova: “The disease changes the personality. Sometimes you don’t know where the personality is, where the disease is. Here you can only believe that somewhere in the depths he is the same as I met him. And that is how God sees him. ”

“Is money not spiritual?” – an article by Lyubov Diaghileva: “I’m sad when I see the event“ for a donation ”, thirty people are sitting in the hall, and lonely two hundred rubles are in the circle. If not necessary, then don’t you have to sacrifice? ”

“The Cross as Judgment and Salvation” – lecture by Archpriest Dimitri Sizonenko: “The Cross leaves no one neutral. It causes either acceptance or rejection. Even today, he remains a sign of bickering: some are for, others are against.

“And the light shines in the darkness” – a new story by Boris Mirza: “Despite the peace declarations, our society was brutally brutal. Sometimes cruelty came to complete savagery. ”

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