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Need your help

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Need your help

Dear friends!

A year ago, on these very days, I was in Krymsk, where the “Tradition” foundation tried to somehow mitigate the consequences of a terrible flood. The trouble came to the city suddenly, more than a hundred people died, many lost their homes and households. Then we collected a total of more than three million rubles (you can read here: 1, 2, 3) and helped a lot of people.

But now a new misfortune happened at the other end of the country. In the Far East, the Amur River spread, flooding thousands of square kilometers of yesterday’s land. And again, people began to help the whole world.

Unprecedented flood of the Amur River

The Amur River in 2008 and 2013. Photo from the satellite.

The church has announced a general church fund-raising campaign, a group of civilian corps volunteers is working in Blagoveshchensk and Birobidzhan, and in some cities they have launched humanitarian aid collection points. People carry blankets, clothes, diapers and baby food. All this is very necessary. People in temporary shelters lack a lot. One hundred rubles a day is allocated for food.

But most of all, no matter how silly it sounds – money. And not even right now, but a little later.

I will explain why.

The water will sooner or later go into its normal bed, leave home, free up roads, and people will be able to return to where they used to live. But they will return to the ruins.

Some of the houses have somehow been washed away, and there are no more, and people will have to live somewhere. Whether the authorities will have time to build some kind of housing before the winter is unknown. Someone will leave, someone will be sheltered by relatives and friends, but many will definitely have nowhere to go. And, as a rule, they have no money for the construction of new houses.

Water flooded hundreds of settlements

And those houses that survived – soaked through. The water will leave the floors, but will remain in the basements and fill the floors and voids, as in a sponge will be collected in clay and wood. All of this will start to rot and become covered with mold if it is warm, and it deforms when it gets cold.

It is not surprising that now apartments in Blagoveshchensk are getting cheaper.

And it is here that the main efforts should be directed to those who do not want to stay away from someone else's tragedy. We need to buy heat guns and pumps to dry at home. It is necessary to buy feed and cattle and give to those who are ready to restore the lost economy.

And we need to restore and build housing. So far, the authorities have proved themselves extremely well in this situation – they prepared as they could, organized the evacuation without a single dead, do not interfere with the volunteers, do not try to use the situation for someone else's benefit or shift the responsibility on to someone else. And I hope that there will be a housing rehabilitation program and the opportunity to participate in it.

I don’t know how much each reader can do. I only know that we cannot do without our participation in this situation.

I ask each of you to participate in the fundraising.

Matvey Berhin
Fund usa-health-online.com
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