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Natalia Milagra – We are in the corridor of major energy shifts. 10.28.2018

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Natalia Milagra - We are in the corridor of major energy shifts. 10.28.2018

Energy waves envelop the planet over the past few days, creating beautiful radiant patterns of the energy codes of Love and Awakening.

We are in the corridor of big energy shifts.

Drunvalo_Melikhisedek, who guides our group of his students from 7 countries in this spiritual work in Egypt, says that there have been no such energies on earth for more than 10 thousand years.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to open our spiritual heart and allow love to fill life space.

11/11 we are waiting for a new energy portal, the whole universe is preparing us for the arrival of new female energies.

Those who work with energies feel the need to carry these shining waves through their bodies, thereby helping Mother Earth to anchor them on the planet. Conductors and custodians are working at different points on Earth.

Daniel Mitel leads us along a sacred, ancient path, and this is a great work, and a manifestation of service and Love to all living things.

Allow your body to relax and unwind, free yourself from unnecessary emotions. We live in an era of great change. Make love to everything that happens in your life and create MORE SPACE FOR SOMETHING NEW AND EXCLUSIVE EMERGING AROUND YOU.

Natalia Milagra, October 28, 2018.

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