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Mother Earth – We are together, remember this! + PRACTICE. November 8, 2018

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Mother Earth - We are together, remember this! + PRACTICE. November 8, 2018

My dear and beloved children, I am your Mother Earth. I am talking to you now from the very heart of the planet and I wish you only peace and goodness, harmony and love.

I know that for many of you now it is bad and difficult, they have been going through their internal transmuting process for a long time. I came to support you and help you on this bold and courageous path.

Many of you take the high-vibration energy hard, which is flowing in a huge stream from Heaven. Their physical bodies are in pain, and that’s why they don’t want to do anything. Many fall into depression and depression, there is no inspiration at all.

My relatives, but did you really want this? You sought to return to your Light, to your Divine essence and go to the fifth dimension of Earth.

Over the long years of three-dimensional and low-vibration life, your bodies have become clogged and darkened, and now it is very difficult for Light to break through all these obstacles on the way, through all your mental patterns and restrictions, through all your attitudes and habits. That is why high energies cause such pain inside you.

Do not despair, my family, and do not give up. See in front of you the shining Light – your dream. With all your heart you wanted to move into a new high-vibration world, you wanted to make your quantum leap.

So what's the deal? Have you really gone so much and are now ready to give up everything?

How much help was given to you: practice and meditation. But many of you have forgotten everything, all the advice.

With high energy surges and flows, when you are physically ill, always be grounded, remember this, and all the excess energy will leave you. You will immediately become easier and more fun.

My dear ones, we are switching to new high vibrations all together.

All animals, all birds, all insects, all plants, the whole water world, all life on the planet, all my favorite children … – they feel me from the depths of myself, everyone is energetically connected to me.

From this they all go much easier. Together with me, I make my quantum leaps, they, together with me, increase their vibrational level, together with me they move into the fifth dimension … Together it is much easier to go!

Only man forgets about unity, only man forgets to feel me in the depths of himself, only man has separated himself and considers himself a “master of life.” That is why humanity is so hard to move into a new world.

My dear and beloved children, return to unity and inner Divine kinship. Every day merge with me, Mother Earth, feel yourself a part of me, feel my love right in yourself, and this will be a great support and help for you and will greatly facilitate your path.

Let your feet, like the "roots of the trees," grow into me forever. Let your hands, as “energy ropes”, interlace and merge with my energy. Let your heart, as a “ray of bright Light,” enter right into my heart, at the very center of the planet, and connect us, mother and child, bringing you back to unity and boundless love.

Energy practice "Merging with Mother Earth"

Feel that your feet are the roots of the trees. They grow deep, deep into the earth, and you feel yourself a part of the planet, a part of Mother Earth. Walk with this feeling of connection and unity every day.

Feel that your hands are energy ropes, through which high energy flows and goes into the ground. These ropes are simply intertwined into the earth, enter the energy field of the planet and connect, merge and even dissolve in the general flow of energy of Mother Earth. You feel yourself a part of the planet, together you energetically go up, you go together and go, like a mother and her beloved child.

Feel that a huge stream of Light is pouring out of your heart, like a ray that enters right into the very center of the planet and connects with the heart of Mother Earth. From this you feel the boundless love of Mother Earth right in the depths of yourself, her tender care and love. You feel that you are not alone, not alone, you are part of everything. Within you, the love of everything awakens.

Do this practice every day and you will feel that you have become much easier. It will be easier for you to carry out the high energy of Heaven, it will be easier for you to maintain harmony and tranquility inside, it will be easier for you to live in joy and love, it will be easier for you to move into the world of the fifth dimension of Earth.

With infinite love for all of you,

your mother earth

Accepted Magda, 08/11/2018

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