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Metatron – Humanity Returns to the Light! 11/19/2018

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Metatron - Humanity Returns to the Light! 11/19/2018

My dear and beloved, I am Metatron, I am the Light and Love of God.

Today I came to you to tell about the first results, about the first huge wave of the quantum transition of people's consciousness. Many of you have asked me this question.

My dear, everything goes in the best and most favorable way. Every day people switch to new vibrations of their consciousness and anchor themselves in the energies of the fifth dimension of the Earth.

For some, the transition process is very bright and colorful, and for someone more quietly and calmly, but it is simply impossible not to notice these global changes inside.

You are all unique and unrepeatable, my relatives, and you do not need to be equal to any of the people and compare yourself with someone. Each of you has its own unique way and experience.

How to understand that you have made your inner transition of consciousness into the fifth dimension of the Earth and there is no longer a way down to the three-dimensional world for you – you can no longer think as before and get involved in the old three-dimensional illusions, in the programs of the system and society, in the three-dimensional egregors …

My dear ones, first of all, you felt a powerful inner knowledge inside you, as if someone “took the helm from above and leads you”. It is this that helps you to emerge from low energies, from a three-dimensional game, from patterns and patterns of a system, in order to become a free and “problem-free” Divine being.

You no longer see the world of suffering and pain, hostility and want, you see the beauty and wonders of this world, you see justice and equality, you see wisdom and value in everything … You are happy that you just live and you have such a wonderful life. From the bottom of your heart you thank God for it.

You look at the world through the eyes of God, through the eyes of your Soul. You see in people, first of all, not their negative and imperfections, but their Divine essence, passing a lot of the most diverse lessons on Earth, a lot of very different invaluable experience.

You can no longer blame anyone in your life, any difficult life situations and problems, difficult relationships, someone from the outside, you feel how your inner energy is reflected in the outside world, like what is inside, manifests in your life. , how people mirror your whole earthly essence, how everything is one and inseparable in this world.

And most importantly, my relatives, all this happens to you not in words but in deeds. All the Universe laws, all your spiritual knowledge became for you not a set of rules and restrictions, but turned into life itself, into its great creation, when you consciously look at yourself and everything around and create, create your life, responsible for every act, for every emotion and every thought.

Our beloved ones, we are very happy for you that so many people have already switched their consciousness to higher vibrations, to the fifth dimension of the Earth, and look differently at the whole world, at their life – from their very heart, and not through the negative ego.

It was necessary for humanity to have passed at least 144,000 people, but more than a million people have already passed, and by December 25 there will be even more.

This is a great achievement for all mankind, people with a new consciousness at the planetary level raise the vibrations of all, as well as help their others with their life example and their internal energy. This is a chain reaction, it is a powerful awakening process.

Humanity is returning to the Light!

Your Metatron.

Received Magda, 11/18/2018

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