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Metatron – Gates 11.11. + PRACTICE. November 8, 2018

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Metatron - Gates 11.11. + PRACTICE. November 8, 2018

My dear and loved ones, I am Metatron, I am the Light and Love of God.

Today I came to you again to remind you that a very powerful energy day is approaching – the gate 11.11.

This is the day of “the beginnings of all beginnings”, when one can energetically upgrade and move to a new spiritual level, to a new stage of one’s life, to a new vibration level.

This is a great opportunity for many of you who are on the path of spiritual development and growth. It is only necessary to want to take this opportunity to open it.

On this day, all energy practices and meditations will work much better, in full force, as their effectiveness will be increased many times.

This is a magical and very strong day, but for him I would like to give you very important advice:

Try to let go of any inner expectation – fantasy of the mind about this day and what it will bring, because this energy blocks you from the inside and does not allow you to accept what is already prepared for you and so necessary for you right now.

Just live this day in great joy and love, in harmony and great acceptance of everything. Just enjoy life, being. Just relax, take a walk in the fresh air, communicate with nature, do a wide variety of practices and meditations.

Today I would like to offer you another energy practice that will be useful to you on this powerful day.

Energy practice "Portal of Opportunities"

Sit in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Completely relax and enter the meditative state. Call for help all Light Forces and ask to open for you the energy portal of Opportunities.

Directly above your head will appear and open a huge and powerful portal of Light, as the gates to the Higher Worlds. It is like a round energy passage to other dimensions.

Looking into it, you will see that it is full of the most varied high energy. This energy of the most different strength, purpose, color …

You only need to open up to this Portal of Light, spreading your own hands in different directions like “wings” and take in this powerful and strong stream.

The very energies that are now needed will flow into you. For each person, this portal will select its “unique key”, “individual code”.

You can immediately feel what high energy has entered you and what gives you, or this knowledge will come to you later when you feel the changes inside.

When high energy anchors within you, unpacks and begins to work, then you will come a new high awareness, new internal unearthly sensations, new subtle abilities …

May this powerful day bring you great benefit and give you an incredibly fantastic dash up into the Light.

With love for you

your Metatron.

Received Magda, November 8, 2018

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