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Metatron – Cleansing before the gates 11.11.

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Metatron - Cleansing before the gates 11.11.

My relatives, I am Metatron, I am the Light and Love of God.

My beloved, today I have come to tell you that lately cleansing energies have been pouring down to the Earth in a powerful stream.

They just squeeze out all the darkness from you, from the deepest layers. From this the darkest and lowest energies that you have not felt in you for a long time can come out of you.

There can be irritation and even anger, claims to everyone around, resentment … Energies are so dark that many of you do not live in such people for a long time, they are used to living in inner harmony, in joy and love.

My dear, do not be alarmed by this cleansing process, you need it. This is an important cleansing before a new stage, this is preparation before the powerful gate 11.11, which is best to enter when you are internally pure, as this can give you a new energy push, raise it to a new spiritual level.

Every time you pass through the powerful stargate, you are updated from the inside. Not only is your energy state renewed, it becomes more vibrational when powerful light streams pass through you, but your consciousness opens with new high inner insights and wisdom, even more Light and Love enters all of your bodies, every cell opens to them.

How do you harmonize this cleansing process to make it easier and more effective?

My relatives, for this I offer you a very simple energy practice.

When you feel that you are covered by a wave of negative or something low comes out from within, then try to feel it in yourself.

Do not reject this negative, do not hide from it, do not push it back into yourself, saying that it is not in you, do not get involved in it, kindling more and more in yourself, but just watch it from the outside.

Let it come out like a clot of "dirt", like a dark energy ball. Let and help him out!

Feel how it comes straight out of you, from the inside, and appears right in front of your eyes.

Accept this negative with love, it is not bad and not good, it just is, because you needed it to pass through the low Earth experience.

From your pure acceptance of the heart, it will simply dissolve in your love, and you will feel lightness, inner relief, as you become even clearer and brighter, and most importantly – you chose Light again and "did not play in darkness."

Always live in the Light of Love, do not be afraid of the darkness that periodically comes out of you, let all of it dissolve and leave.

With love for you

your Metatron.

Received Magda, November 3, 2018

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