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Metaphysics of respiration, trauma, blood and lymph. Energy cleaning.

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Metaphysics of respiration, trauma, blood and lymph. Energy cleaning.

A brief description of the causes and effects of various ailments words of the Trust. When reading, please remember that everything is individual and each session is considered as a personal case.

It was my second session, I was preparing for it more intuitively, but I was worried as if more … The main thing that I understood is that we are incredibly multidimensional. We consist of a huge number of layers that are incalculable … And each session, apparently, is a look a little deeper inward, it is an emphasis on a certain aspect or task (which may differ from what you want to know or ask and which as the information you need at the moment).

And, of course, once again I was convinced that all the answers are within us: we know a great deal, but often we do not give ourselves an account of this. And we are looking for, asking, suffering … Answers to any questions are simple. And the more complex the question, the more concise and lengthy the answer. These answers are like compressed information, a flash drive, which is our task to unpack. We often know the answers to all our inquiries, but we do not believe in ourselves, because we are not used to trusting our inner voice, to hear our intuition.

Some cleansing moments:

Diaphragm. Appeal to the Guardian, ask about the diaphragm. Why did the energy not flow down into the body? He says that I hold my breath, not on physics, but at the moment of action (when you do something as if on the floor inhale). The diaphragm is spasmodic, in constant tone. It needs to be relaxed. By willpower. And follow this: remove the tension, which is concentrated in the solar plexus area. As soon as I have tension or stress, they immediately “go” to this area. It turns out that everything in this place accumulates and blocks the diaphragm.

I breathe in and out correctly, let the energy flow through the body. It should be gentle, but it depends on breathing (that is, this is the practice that the Keeper recommended to me). The condition in general and the voltage in particular are very easy to track by breathing. As soon as stress occurs, the nature of breathing changes (it becomes more frequent and smaller). And stress goes into a stage of chronic stress, if it is not removed during the time, not “prodyshit”. Normal breathing helps recovery and leads to a free tone. Inhalation and exhalation occur just in the diaphragm area: on inhalation, energy fills the upper part of the body, and on exhalation it fills the lower part and flows into the legs and goes into the Earth.

Angina. It was a powerful ejection of accumulated attention. When you pay a lot of attention, and you can not do anything about it. All this gets inside and settles there in the form of mental toxins that you yourself can not (because you do not know how, and not because it is impossible) to withdraw. This happens even when someone looks at you: there is a lot of information. And the moment came when all this should have come out with pus.

But the treatment went wrong (it was necessary to do it all at once and clean it up on physics, then I would have cleared up on a more subtle level). And here there was a slow digging that carried the dirt all over the body. And this affected not only the body, but also a more subtle level. It is important to pay attention to the lymphatic system, which works as a drain for the body. If something in the body is wrong, the garbage floats in it and is not displayed properly.

Injuries are the result of impulsiveness and impetus. They were so that I paused, slowed down, looked around. Realized the moment. I realized that I need to change in behavior, perception. And the subconscious desire to attract attention (as with any disease) is also present. These moments are worked out. I realize that as soon as the desire to get sick is creeping in, it means that I lack attention. I track these points and regulate them.

Blood. Infection in childhood and on its background furunculosis. It was the reaction of a small organism to something foreign that got inside, and a strong desire to bring it out. Through pain, scars – the conclusion of something with a metallic taste. The body shoved out of itself that which does not belong to it. It was a cleansing, a few waves came out of what happened before the moment of birth. Plus there was a moment connected with childbirth or with the hospital … When something is done to you that should not be.

There was a moment of mom's fright when she found out that she got pregnant, she did not think that it would be so fast; there was a sharp sloppy motion (jerk and iron). I see that it happened when the umbilical cord was sharply cut, something got inside, and then there was a moment when they did something awkwardly and carelessly and put me on something cold and iron. You are small, naked and defenseless: fear, fear and you absorb the taste of iron on which you lie. In addition to the infection, all these experiences got into the blood: as if absorbed through the skin. The system has not recovered until the end, the blood needs to be cleaned.

Lymphatic system. She is a single organism. We look at her from the side: she feels well, but she lacks mobility to ensure normal work and fulfill her functions. She's a little slow. We filter the lymph, clean out of everything that slows down its work, which has accumulated negative. We remove the mucus-like mass (that which should have left the body), we get rid of the swamp.

Reproductive system: check if there are no offenses or a negative background. Feels like we removed everything in the last session (the pain went away from the right side). Everything that we cleaned now will help the general recovery, which will affect all systems of the body, including the reproductive system. I feel that I want to once again do such a cleansing (blood and lymph) to help the body become lighter and healthier. And it will help restore harmony in the body.

We ask permission to contact the custodian for advice in the future. He says that He is always there, and I can turn to him at any time, in any meditation. But if I, for example, are occupied with my thoughts instead of focusing on the process, then I will not see it. And if I am focused and involved in the process, it will be easy. And He will always give an answer to a question, but to the one He considers it necessary to answer. That is, as necessary, I can refer to Him. But there are questions that He will not answer, no matter how much I ask. These are questions for which it is not yet time to know the answers, or those questions that I have to decide for myself, or those for which I already know the answers and simply do not do what I must.


It is interesting to note the important points as they are decrypted, which are so simple that you seem to know them all your life … And then they appear in a completely different light … And they feel super important and necessary. I have highlighted a lot for myself in the decryption text – something to which I will return, reread and track.

The place we hit at the beginning of the session is a separate and interesting story, in my opinion. I was there a few years ago, and under the guidance of a host, we ended up in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, high in the Himalayas.

I remembered that I said a lot: information flows through me. In a “conversation” session, it is not similar to the usual one, to which we are accustomed: information simply manifests itself, and you realize it. It resembles a river that flows at different speeds: somewhere the current is stronger, somewhere it is quieter …

It was very exciting to find the Guardian and mingle with him. It was an important moment for me, since I had no idea how it was: you invite him and he comes … And suddenly he does not come, for example … Or suddenly, I’ll imagine something or someone … And it turned out that he was there, apparently, from the very beginning of the session … He watched us, looked after. So cool, I really liked it.

During the session, I once again received confirmation that it is very important to pay attention to protection (resume it in the morning and evening and activate it in some situations) and cleaning the space (not only the place where you live, but also those places where you are temporarily). Be sure to check everything that comes: clear, look at the true essence.

After the session, I just wanted to sit or lie down, but then some thoughts, images, quotations began to emerge … She used up ten pages: words, fragments of phrases, sketches. Part in Russian, part – in English. Then she watched a film about the life of Paramahansa Yogananda "Awake". Tsoi listened … She cried … Tears were like the need to clean something, remove it from the body. In the evening I could not fall asleep, as on the eve of the session: but if I was anxious on the night before the session, I rushed and became annoyed that I could not sleep, but on the night after the session I was much calmer: I listened to the mantra, turned over, sometimes fell into sleep. For me, this is a very unusual state: I usually fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply.

After the session, on the same day, one situation was resolved in the evening, which for several months I was agitated and agitated. A few moments formed like a puzzle, and everything worked out. 15 minutes and the issue was resolved. I laughed and thanked the higher forces for their help. It was read as “well everything, now it is possible to go further”. Hooray!

It seemed that the session went very quickly, much faster than the first one (then my body ached, I got up to the toilet, it was hard). And here 4 hours passed in the same breath. And it felt as if it was easier: I understood the information more quickly, what we are doing and where we are going. During the first session I was periodically pushed out: external sounds interfered, for example. This time, the external sounds just helped to go deeper (previously it was not clear how it was).

When decoding it is noticeable that I speak much faster than in the first session. The words are easier to pick up, and they flow. Fewer pauses.

And this time it is more noticeable how much packed information is contained in the session: both in the first and in the second. How much they turned out different, but at the same time both are saturated.

It was very pleasant and surprising to see the Guardian: such a beautiful image, a bit unearthly and at the same time very close. I appeal to him with gratitude in the morning and in the evening: I thank you for your support, for your protection and direction. There was a pleasant feeling that I was not alone, and he was always there. This is not enough. I am sure that if I need to resolve difficult issues, I will contact him, but during his work he made it very clear that I know very, very much myself that all the answers are inside of me … So I will ask him to help I can hear them and follow the voice of my heart and intuition.

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