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Message Galactic Brotherhood.

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Message Galactic Brotherhood.

Greetings, Earthlings!

Happy New Year to you all!

We would like to wish you a lot this year. The most important thing is to stay true to your chosen ways, do not get out of them in hesitation and indecision, being seduced by the promises of quick fulfillment of desires, this does not happen, and you know it.

The earth is not a place where everything is performed “by the wave of a hand”. It is necessary to switch to other octaves in order for this to begin.

But what about the Earth, what about it? Are you going to leave it, not waiting for the magic, to return to those limits, where it happens? Would it be cowardice on your part?

You all dream of a new Earth, where cleanliness and order will reign, peace and harmony, where there will be no grief and poverty, disease and hunger, but where will you get this Earth?

Will you send it to the "hell" or leave it with those "sinners" who do not catch up with you in spiritual development?

Malden … a new magical land … and for whom? For the elite? And you think that you rightfully deserve this election?

How long have you communicated with your soul? Do you know exactly why you came to Earth?

Do you deliberately lead you to a new illusion? Know, our dear ones: only by completing the tasks of your Soul, you can dispose of your life at your own discretion, otherwise you will again plunge into a mass hibernation of consciousness until the next awakening, and this will not happen soon.

A responsibility. This is what you need to wake up again in yourself with clear and precise certainty.

Responsibility for every thought, word, for every breath in and out. You are here with a “special mission” – to wake yourself up, wake everyone up and clearly state the purpose of being here and now, without being carried away “beyond the clouds”.

If you really want to be active and conscious, take concrete and decisive steps towards your final awakening, exploring yourself, your capabilities, all your potential within the Earth and take, do, do! Do not stand still, do not trample, act, otherwise time will be lost.

Energy support is not always and not constantly, keep this in mind. In meditations, you can sometimes immerse yourself only in holograms of true energies and portals, the portals themselves are not always open, because a lot of energy and compliance with many rules and conditions is required to create and maintain them.

Dear ones, we don’t want to frighten you, but much on the planet depends on your actions, including the preservation of peace, remember this.

There are a LOT of weapons of destruction on Earth, which are guarded and guided by a VERY powerful aggregor of war, remember this, this is VERY serious!

There is still a need for a greater shield of opposition – the egregor of the world. Be in close union with him, multiply him with your pure energy of light!

Your Galactic Brothers.

Tatyana Breslavskaya, January 1, 201919.

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