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Message from the Arcturian Group on October 21, 2018.

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Message from the Arcturian Group on October 21, 2018.

Dear friends. We notice that many of you are worried, confused, and even depressed by what is happening in the modern world, but know that you are witnessing the collapse of an outdated frame of reference, which is still widely promoted by those who benefit from the state of anger, fear and wars They fear and resist any change in the expressions of duality and separation that have supported them for so long and therefore intensify their efforts to maintain their status quo.

Fear, anger and suffering are a source of energy for those who of their own will cannot access their inner energy of Light. Deciding to disconnect themselves from the energies of the higher dimensions, they maintain and then use the energy created from the fear and suffering of others. This is the basis of the dark practices that you sometimes read or hear about.

Be careful with everything that you see and hear at this energetically powerful time. Immediately recognize and then translate external appearances into their reality, and also notice the true nature of everyone involved in it. When most people can maintain energy at a high level, those who depend on denser energies will either be forced to change or leave.

We are not saying that you should hide your head in the sand and say: “God is everything – this dying child, this accident, this violence is not real.” We say that when you see such things, do with love what you intuitively need to do, at the same time knowing that you are witnesses of the manifestation of duality / separation consciousness, and not spiritual reality.

You who have awakened create the changes that the world longed for. You are on Earth at this time to help bring about a new and higher collective consciousness on Earth. Other planets in the past have experienced the same changes of ascension that the earth is now passing, and therefore their inhabitants understand what people are experiencing and are trying to help in any way possible.

Because the Earth is a planet with free will, developed galactic and ascended teachers are not allowed to do your work for you. Otherwise it would not help anyone's learning process, just as the so-called “helicopter” parents who care for, protect and guide their children, blocking the events necessary for their growth and learning.

Those who come from developed planets can share much technologically and spiritually, but should be observers until humanity is ready to recognize them as fellow humans, and not enemies.

Some of you are just waiting with the hope that a fleet of galactic ships will fly in and save the world, but this cannot happen, because it is necessary to take into account the free will of people. Only the people of the earth themselves can make the changes for which they hope and pray. You are creators created from an individualized creator energy.

The reason we advise to reduce watching and listening to the news is that if a person cannot remain focused and alert, he can very easily return to what is old and familiar, to what he is trying to get out of. Stress, sadness, anger, and fear feed and sustain lies — because you are creators.

If you have not done so yet, once and for all, give up the expectation that someone or something will save you, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually – this is only your work. It is natural for the wave to use three-dimensional solutions, but, ultimately, every serious student of truth must understand that everything comes from within according to the state of consciousness that has been achieved. The false ideology of most organized religions is based on the statement that the mediator (holy, ascended teacher, guru, priest, shaman, ancestor, and even a local priest or pastor) is necessary so that you, humble sinners, can access God – God, separated from you.

The business of "saving the soul" is profitable for the churches, keeping and supporting their need in the minds of those who still do not understand that God is fully present inside them, and not in a building, organization or a "holy" person. The idea of ​​the need for "salvation" is nothing more than the propaganda of a false belief in separation.

Everything that is necessary to gain access to God already exists within each person, because a person can never be separated from what he is, regardless of whether he knows about it or not. It's just like that …

Evolution is the process of awakening to higher levels of reality, globally and individually. Usually this begins with the intellectual awareness of some truth as an “interesting thought” that grows and develops in the course of various life events in order to finally become an achieved state of consciousness.

The process of awakening for the majority begins with a feeling of dissatisfaction and fatigue from three-dimensional concepts. This is because the person has experienced duality and separation over many lifetimes, and finally has reached a state of consciousness that does not feel real satisfaction even from what is “good” from a human point of view.

This feeling does not pass and even increases as the person tries to change something in various three-dimensional ways, or even decides to end his life. Over time, coming to the moment “enough, there must be a better way”, a person becomes receptive and open to higher ways of understanding reality.

You all went through similar events in this or previous lives, otherwise you would not be able to understand messages like this. Perhaps you yourself or those you know are going through such events at this time. Once you understand what is happening, it will be easier to let go and let everything go on as usual.

The time has come for all who intellectually know the truth, put it into practice, absorb it and allow it to be born as a living state of consciousness instead of supporting it as interesting intellectual knowledge that can be discussed and challenged. For some, this means giving up the trust and authority with which they endowed certain practices, methods and tools that helped them get to the place where they are now.

For example, crystals carry wonderful high resonating energies that have been used for centuries and are still used now to help humanity, but you should never forget that crystals do not give you what you do not have. The energy of the crystals is consistent with your energy and enhances it. If you depend on them or on anything else that is outside of you, for the sake of obtaining wealth, healing the body or romantic love, you are engaged in idolatry.

Those who still fully live in the third dimension can and often achieve what they are striving for from material concepts and beliefs, because they are a manifestation of the state of consciousness they have achieved. However, those of you who are awake and live at a more developed level will notice that these same three-dimensional methods no longer work as they did before, because you are no longer coordinated with them.

You are spiritually developed enough to go beyond the ups and downs, the good and bad consciousness of duality. Understand and accept that you no longer have a three-dimensional consciousness. You are learning to make changes from a higher level, a level on which there is no pair of opposites accompanying many three-dimensional manifestations.

Do not compare yourself with others and do not think that you have failed when you notice that those who live three-dimensional life, it seems, easily, using three-dimensional manipulations, achieve what they want. Consciousness will always be expressed, and duality consciousness and separation is expressed as “good” on one day and its opposite on another. As frolicking students of truth, you are looking for that real state of consciousness of reality in which there are no pairs of opposites.

Traditions and related tools have been and remain a large part of most spiritual paths, they have served humanity for centuries, helping seekers to discover new levels of understanding. However, when the disciple of truth is spiritually ready to consciously convey the power of the external to the inner, dependence on them must cease.

By continuing to cling to the state of consciousness that you have already outgrown, out of fear of the unknown, or simply because it is so convenient and familiar, you contribute to the inhibition of the evolutionary process and keep yourself in the slavery of the concepts of separation. No one is meant to always remain in the same state of consciousness. Evolution continues – this is a continuous endless journey of memories.

There comes a time when every student of truth has to admit that he already embodies the essence of everything that he sought in certain teachings, instruments, rites, ceremonies or rituals, etc. Nothing real exists outside of you. You are whole and complete, were, are and always will be. It is you.

Keep in mind that we are not saying that you cannot enjoy your favorite spiritual book, crystals, or ceremonies. We say that when you hope for things or people outside of you and believe that you are “necessary,” you worship idols. And you, who read the messages, have already gone beyond this. Try to think of tools as helpers to help you find yourself inside the real one.

By constantly living on the basis of your highest attained understanding of truth, you allow it to flow and intensify until it becomes you. You cannot put it off until tomorrow, for the time when you consider yourself ready, when your guru or church says, when family members and friends approve, when your partner wakes up spiritually, in order to be an achieved level of understanding.

You are the love that you unsuccessfully searched for in other people and things life after life, and now you are spiritually ready to stop looking outside of yourself, because you have reached that level of awareness that knows that all the fullness of Divine Love is your true nature and essence of all life forms. It's time to find out what it means.

The divine Self that you are, in every way complete and holistic, and as the understanding of this integrates and becomes your consciousness, it will express itself in every aspect of your daily life.

Be the changes you want to see.

We are an Arcturian group

October 21, 2018

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