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Message from the Arcturian Group of November 7, 2018.

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Message from the Arcturian Group of November 7, 2018.

Dear readers, we again bring love in our messages of hope and information. You are the pioneers, and as such, some of you are criticized by those who want you to be more “three-dimensional” and who interpret your “silence” as inaction.

Knowing the bigger picture, you support and carry the Light to society. It may seem that you are not doing anything, but, in fact, you are doing everything possible. You are the mechanics that help support the ascension engine, creating a new consciousness in the world. Never think that in a quiet awareness of Oneness and truth, you are not doing anything.

Be patient, dear, because a lot has to happen. Try not to get emotionally involved in unpleasant situations, it’s better to learn how to step back as observers, quietly and secretly knowing that spiritual reality always lies at the heart of what is happening on the external stage. By remaining focused and consistent with the truth, and not with appearances, you open yourself to receive information about what is happening.

Do not forget about this when entering the voting booth, as this will allow you to intuitively resist the rhetoric and political bluff of the candidates, and it is better consistent with disinterested motives. Spiritual gifts need to live and constantly use them in daily life, and not to keep them and not to call only in special cases.

Be prepared to hear about the effects of dense, dark energy. Methods, beliefs and actions that have been hidden from most people for a long time begin to surface. The light created by each enlightened consciousness, as well as coming through the open spiritual portals, dissolves the previously closed doors, opening access to hidden dark energy places.

Many, especially those who have slept three-dimensional life, will be shocked by some of the effects. They will deny it or say that the world has reached a new bottom, but nothing that is revealed is new, rather, it is only now becoming known about it, and this will continue for some time.

Current events force many who have lived comfortably in duality and separation to begin analyzing their personal belief systems, and this is an important step towards awakening. The transition to a new level of awareness always begins with introspection, reflections on aspects of life that begin to be felt more fully – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Ascension is not a one-time event, as many think, it is an endless process. As you reach and live on the basis of a new level of spiritual understanding, it unfolds, taking you beyond the current level to the next. Evolution is an endless process of remembering your Self and all that it means. This is what people do in each of their hundreds of lives.

In three-dimensional energy, evolution is slower, because the density of the physical body only allows to gradually integrate the higher frequencies of Light. The readiness of each person determines his Higher Self.

Know that good is no more real than bad. Many religious teachings offer ways to become a “good person”, and everyone rejoices when “bad” appearances change to “good”. As creators, never forget that if you believe in good in a person and strive for it, you automatically enter into agreement with the bad, because these are just two sides of the same three-dimensional dual medal.

You, as spiritually conscious people, are ready to stop looking for good appearances and try to eliminate bad ones. Your work now consists in understanding that the Divine Consciousness that you are is already whole and complete. When you reach such a state of consciousness, it will automatically manifest itself externally as “good” according to your personal needs and preferences.

Since there is only the Whole Whole, consciousness always seeks to unite with itself. The consciousness of each person acts as a magnet, attracting any energies that are in agreement, and then automatically expresses them. There is no unexpressed consciousness. That is why it is so important to ask yourself: “What does my mind consider to be the truth?”

Since wholeness and completeness are qualities of the Divine Consciousness, they are a reality infinitely supported by Divine law. At the moment, your main goal should be to understand that every Divine quality is already fully present within you, even if it seems that it is not so, and not to stick into three-dimensional concepts and beliefs that serve only to test them.

Truth is infinite and real, but, for the most part, awareness of its humanity was blocked, because the three-dimensional energy is unable to be consistent with a higher one. The higher frequencies of Light that are now entering society, allow many to agree with them and receive information from previously inaccessible sources of higher dimensions. As a result, many of you are starting to experience more extrasensory events.

Life, fully spent in three-dimensional energy, are like separate frames of the film. You hear and see them, but you cannot understand what is really happening and, thereby, are thinking up what is happening. Each person presents his picture based on his own life events and state of consciousness. That is why every life is fully carried out in the energy of the dimension in which life passed after life.

The curtain opens, the wizard enters the scene, and humanity begins to see. Some will try to close the curtain again, because it is so convenient and familiar. Others desperately keep the curtain closed, so they do not want you to see the real picture. Know that you can choose a way to watch a movie.

No matter how good it may seem in the past, everything that still resonates with the old energy quickly becomes obsolete, giving way to a new universal understanding. Always remember that nothing real can ever be lost; rather, it will simply return again and again in higher and better forms. Do not regret the past, dear ones, everything real is always supported by the Divine Law. Relationships can change, but the love that created them always exists.

Rest when you feel the need for it, eat light or more nutritious foods, or do not eat at all as you like. You are currently experiencing major changes on many levels, which often causes fatigue, exhaustion and depression. Try not to immediately resort to three-dimensional means to eliminate discomfort, because drugs change your energy field. Use natural remedies if you feel the need to alleviate the "symptoms of ascension." Better to just be patient more often, trusting and listening to your intuition.

Some of you continue to struggle so that certain parts of your life work just like they did before. In order for something to “work” (relationships, friends, food, entertainment, etc.), there must be energy coordination. Your inner work has brought your frequency to a new level, taking it out of agreement with many things that until now has been a big part of your life. This does not mean that everything was wrong, you just completed this stage and are no longer energetically coordinated with it.

As your energy became more perfect, certain foods that you liked in the past became energetically more dense than your personal energy. At this point, many become vegetarians. If you like to eat meat, and you want to continue to do so, choose the one that contains clean, healthy, happy energy, and not the energy of fear and suffering.

We have talked about this before, but it is important to repeat it, because many, even those who seem to be awake, continue to resist the truth when it interferes with their lifestyle. They decide to turn to the three-dimensional information for answers, and not to search for them within themselves, allowing their intuition to direct them to what may seem a three-dimensional solution.

You are ready, more than ready, to be the truth you know. If you do not choose this path, you join what quickly dissolves. Gaia, who is a living soul, goes through ascension, and you can go with her if you choose this path.

Like it or not, ascension happens.

Stop resisting and remain in it.

We are an Arcturian group

November 7, 2018

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