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Merry Christmas Savior!

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Merry Christmas Savior!

Dear friends!

We cordially congratulate you on the bright holiday of the Nativity of Christ! We wish to become like the Magi: that the light of the star of Bethlehem lead you through life, that God's providence always lead you to worship Him alone, and that your gifts to the Lord — prayer, good deeds, praise and obedience — be sincere and constant.

Another year has passed. Despite all the difficulties, the main thing that he left behind is this feeling of immense gratitude to God for all His gifts.

Good deeds

Perhaps we all worked nicely. In 2013, the fund was able to help more than 200 cases for a total amount of more than 60 million rubles. 50 children with cerebral palsy, dozens of children and adults with various diseases, large families, families after a fire – all these people thanks to you received hope and comfort.

As part of the grant competition, we supported many different initiatives throughout the country: a social taxi in Kostroma and a greenhouse for employing the homeless in Kazan, an inquiry telephone on the Orthodox faith, and the only Christian magazine in Russia for family reading. Helped to restore about a dozen temples.

The size of the average donation is still about 1000 rubles. This means that all these good deeds can be done only thanks to ordinary people, each of whom makes a small contribution. And we, the employees of the foundation, are doing our bit – skills, knowledge, time and energy. Thank God that we can serve people together!

In August-September, a flood occurred in the Far East – this is a separate big story, and we should talk about it separately. Let me just say that to this day our work in the Amur Region is not over. For the remaining funds, we plan to buy a bus for one of the local orphanages.

I would like to specifically thank those who made our assistance to the Far East possible: visiting volunteers and local residents who helped us, Mitya Aleshkovsky and Kostya Sarvanidi who organized the work on the spot, as well as thousands of donors who transferred funds to help the victims site and service Dobro.Mail.ru.

Media library

In the late spring of 2013, an accident occurred on the servers of the portal “TV Spas”, and we transferred them to our video section in emergency mode. As a result, the video has become much more. In parallel, we have worked well for the section of feature films, so now for a clever movie come to Predanie.ru.

The music section has also been updated (finally, we have a person who constantly cares about him; thank you, Sveta!). Now we have a lot of high-quality music: church and secular, ancient and modern, folk and author. In recent months, we have added a good collection of classics from Bach to our days. The section continues to grow – go, listen and download!

All year we have been working on the modernization of the portal, but, unfortunately, we are still not ready to offer you the fruits of this work. We hope that 2014 will be more fruitful in this respect, and in the near future you will be able to get acquainted with the updated design and navigation of the portal. By the way, the sad news: at the very end of December, our main design contractor was unable to continue working with us. So if you have a reliable and professional web designer (studio or freelancer) – write, it will be very useful.

A life

Since June 2013, we have been trying to meet regularly to read the Scriptures together in our office. Many meetings became a source of inspiration for me and gave me a feeling of greater intimacy with other people and God. I hope we have enough strength to continue meetings in the new year, to invite new participants and to learn more about God and each other.

In August, we warmly and joyfully celebrated the foundation's birthday, collectively ate a pretty cake with a blue sky and clouds. You will be in Moscow at the beginning of August – come in, celebrate the end of the first five-year plan together.

This year, among the employees of the portal, there were 2 large families more: Andrei Vladimirovich Berhin was born on July 11, and Ivan Matveevich Berhin on November 29. Thus, the number of children is approaching the number of employees. We hope to continue this trend!

Foundation President Vladimir Berhin with his son Andrey, January 2014

In 2013, this mailing somehow appeared by itself. And for me personally, and for the portal as a whole, she gave a lot, and I am grateful to God for the opportunity to communicate with you. I am grateful to you for what you read, share your thoughts and participate in helping our wards.

The biblical newsletter began to work in the fall. Tatyana Zaitseva weekly prepares very interesting and deep materials on Sunday Gospel readings and offers them to readers. The possibility of direct communication with you is very dear to us, your thoughts and responses to the text of Scripture are dear to you.


Of course, what is Christmas without a gift? Tatiana spent more than one month to prepare for you these unique materials. Our gift is also a mailing, and it is dedicated to the Our Father prayer. In each letter, materials will be offered for one verse or even a few words from this prayer: interpretations (ancient and modern), questions for group discussion or personal reflection. We hope that to the thoughtful reader they can discover a lot about God, about themselves, and about prayer as a channel of communication with God.

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May God's blessing be with you! We wish to spend Christmas time in a peaceful spirit, enjoy with loved ones about the born Savior and look in the mailbox again in two weeks.

See you!

Matvey Berhin
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