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Memo suicide, or Five reasons to keep yourself alive

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Memo suicide, or Five reasons to keep yourself alive

About why depriving yourself of life will not solve your problems, says Ludmila Nesterova.

Six months ago, my younger sister, who was barely 18 years old, committed suicide in the most monstrous of all possible ways. I will not talk about what those who find themselves in my place have to endure, because before it happened to me, I have seen from time to time the family and friends who committed suicide. Therefore, I would very much like to address a few words to those who are sure that he has no need to live anymore.

The first. Your actions can provoke close people to something like that. If the afterlife still exists (we have no convincing evidence of the opposite), and the soul really stays next to the people to whom it was attached to mortal life in the first days after death, then think about how you will contemplate the torment what your loved ones are experiencing. Think also about the fact that you knock out a dear person (and certainly not one) from your usual rut for a long time. He will not be able to work normally, function normally … And this is the least. There is no guarantee that if he cannot endure the suffering, he will not go your way: he will not get into the loop / will not open his veins / will not jump from the roof, etc. And you will not be able to stop him in his ether state. You absolutely can not do anything.

However, if you are planning to commit suicide precisely for the purpose of making the one who does not reciprocate suffer, then believe me – after death this will cease to be important for you, because the pain of separation will drown everything.

The second. You can remain disabled. The percentage of “successful” suicides is not that high. And any of the known ways is fraught with such consequences, which can make your life after a failed suicide more unbearable for you than it was before. Disabled by reckless swallowing of gastrointestinal pills at best will put you on a strictest diet, a broken backbone can make it impossible for you to move on your own, etc.

Third. Your disfigured body will represent an extremely unsightly sight. For everyone – from the employees of the morgue and ending with relatives and friends. And it will be disfigured for any chosen method of suicide. Even a harmless uncontrollable deathbed spasm, frozen on his face, is such a sight to himself. Very few people manage to die beautifully.

Fourth. "Everything will pass, this will pass." Imprint this truth into your heart. The joy passes, but the pain also releases. Even the most meager life experience is not without joys worthy of being on earth. Life cannot consist of suffering alone, you yourself know this very well. Just forgot to remember this.

The fifth. You will not prove anything to anyone by your death. Time will pass and you will be forgotten. Your accounts in the network will be gradually removed from the list of friends, and your name will sound, at best, on your birthday, day of death, and in the days of commemoration of the dead (this is if there were believing friends among your circle).

To my great regret, I know too well what I am talking about.

And finally. You know, life is already flowing too fast. How old are you now? How long did these years last? Ask this question to those over 70. Anyone will tell you that life is rushing so swiftly that you do not have time to look back. Life is too instant. For both the 18 year old and the 70 year old. And the only legal way to deprive oneself of life is to wait patiently for its completion. There are no other options.

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