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Mark Ifraimov – The Life-giving.

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Mark Ifraimov - The Life-giving.

I have done a full round of development in … 25 years. It is too long. And although I was running off my legs, it still happened slowly.

In 1993, on the advice of my brother, I began to read Castaneda. Then I did not know yet that I was a courier. Information on the classification of Castaneda, and I see it where others do not see anything.

Information comes to me from the air. This is a gift. And I thank for him the ancestors, the clan, the Spirit and … God knows who. But thank you very much. From the heart.

I eagerly sought information in everything that surrounded me. He studied esotericism and psychology, shamanism and NLP, qigong and leadership skills.

Motalo me pretty. But what was I looking for?

At first I thought of success. We had to feed the family.
Then I thought of fame. I wanted to be famous and famous.
Then I thought love. I was afraid to admit to myself that I needed hugs and support of close people.
And now I know the ministry. Spiritual Services.

I deliberately do not use the word God, because it became religious, that is, behind the rites, it lost its vitality, vitality, connection with everything around: with a falling leaf, with the wind, with a house from old panels.

But the word Spirit is still alive. This word breathes and permeates every atom, giving life.

Life giving. The creation of life. That is what the Spirit is and I serve Him. As long as I get bad. I do not always spend love, still very often turn on the mind. But I have an excuse: I did only one turn. Which took me 25 years.

I apologize to my readers that your humble servant is a little blunt and a little understanding of love. But I will try to make new turns come a little faster to me. Unless, of course, the Spirit allows.


© Mark Ifraimov, November 13, 2018.

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