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Mark Ifraimov – THE DEATH HOLIDAY. 11.11.2018.

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Mark Ifraimov - THE DEATH HOLIDAY. 11.11.2018.

Tsast 1.

A woman knows that she lives in cycles, and society thinks that she lives linearly.

Their cycles do not coincide, and the woman has to give up her residence.

Cycle means birth, climax and death. And a woman spends her life monthly and meets death.

In theory, a woman should love death or at least accept her if death communicates with her 13 times a year. But society with its linearity makes a woman afraid of death.

Avoiding death leads a woman to refuse to invite a new life or change, which is the main sign of the new.

And then instead of the joy of the new comes disappointment in itself. For nothing darkens the existence of a woman more than a refusal to generate new forms of life, creativity and love. What is actually the same thing.

What can a woman do to become a conductor of love, creativity and life? Arrange the Feast of Death.

In many cultures, the celebration of Death is a mandatory and even a public holiday. For example, in Mexico.

But Europe has forgotten this tradition and the disappointment has swept the old world.

Part 2.

– Great Spirit, salute you! Mother Earth, accept the gratitude of my heart! Espíritu De Fuego, support me on my journey! Aho!

The drink was both sweet and bitter. He seemed to be slowly going down his throat, looking like a doctor who was invited to see a patient. In the stomach, he stopped, took off his green suit, and went to roam the body, opening rusty locks from ancient doors, behind which the Spirit languished.

After the next release, the Spirit gathered and could finally begin his dance of love. Do you know what it means to dance the love of the Spirit to the body? And for the mind?

The body is sick, it becomes very weak, and the mind considers itself a fool for taking poison.

With all his strength the mind fights against nausea, fastens, tries to restrain the gagging urges, but … this is his stupidity.

The nauseous state of approaching death, infinite weakness, complete surrender to the Spirit — that is salvation. And, of course, fire! The fire burned all the small demons that were trying to dive into the body while it was so vulnerable. And while the eyes looked into the fire, the Spirit could show not hell, but the Truth of the Universe.

The body became very weak, all the defenses fell and the Spirit invited me to the dance of love:

“Look,” said the Spirit, “this is the real world!” Everything is alive. Every tree, air, sky, every thought, every intention. Death and Love go near, and one opens the gate to the other. Now you see that your fears of Death are only an escape from Love?

– I see. I see! Vjuuuuuuu !!!

To see beauty not with the eyes, but with the heart is the greatest gift of Death. The heart asks for love, but Love without Death does not come. For love to come, you need sacrifice. Something must die. For example, mind. It's funny to observe the agonies of the mind. Like a plastic bag melted in fire. It hiss, writhes, turns into dark drops and dissolves in the coals.

And when there is no longer any false defense, the Spirit invites you to dance and shows you outfits, treasures and possessions, from which the heart is filled with happy love.

Part 3

What will you return to your loved ones after Death? You died so many times and came back that you stopped noticing that you were living.

Remember that it was between your lives that you were absolutely and absolutely happy. It was Death who gave all the colors of Life, and it was Death who wants you to be Alive.

Removing from you all shields and armor, freeing you from all illusions and fears, freeing you from the oppression of the mind, and leading the arm to the dance with the Spirit, Death says:

– I took everything … Now you are free …. Go and give love.

Waiting for you are those who are still loaded with worries, survival, thoughts about their daily bread and a hole in their chest.
Everyone has a hole, but love is already pouring out through yours, while your loved ones still have a hole – an invitation to Death, which they are terribly afraid of and close day and night from it.

Funny, they do not know that sooner or later Love will come anyway.

© Mark Ifraimov

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