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Mark Ifraimov – Freedom from yourself.

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Mark Ifraimov - Freedom from yourself.

The worst thing in freedom is that free people become free from you.

If you experience someone else's freedom, you can become free from yourself.

Only a few in this world managed to escape from the captivity of themselves and throw off, like the old snake skin, the old and familiar self-image.

In captivity we are shackled by the chain of expectations, what we will do the next minute, in the evening, tomorrow. Our expectations are not ours at all. These chains are drawn to those who forged them in distant childhood, grandmothers, mother, father, family, school, state.

And we got used to ourselves the way they wanted to see us. Out of habit, they began to take captive of their expectations of everyone we liked.

Deprived of their freedom, our relatives, at first did not notice the prison, but every year an incomprehensible longing whispered to them: "Run. You are in prison. This is not love. This is bondage of slavery."

Many fled from one prison to another. But no one gave anywhere freedom from himself.

And one day, when the customary prison of oneself becomes intolerable, the craziest decide to escape, not to death, but from themselves.

Throw not another, but yourself unbearably beautiful. Leave all familiar landscapes and still lifes, all portraits and a favorite self-portrait.

What is left free?


What it is?

This is the wind rushing out.
Fire in the eyes.
Waves of feelings and emotions.
And the endless space of new territories.

Tempting? Yes!
Available? Hardly…
Because free people are so attractive that the hunt begins. Everyone wants to touch, fill, eat a piece.

They are told that they love, they offer generous gifts, lures, ask their love …

There is so much attention around, so much importance, so many traps.

And the Spirit flies around and laughs:
– Well?! Get caught again ?! And he said that freedom is forever. No, my friend, freedom is an instant, but love is forever! "

© Mark Ifraimov

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