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Mark Ifraimov – Dance with significant shadows. (Part Three). 12.12.2018

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Mark Ifraimov - Dance with significant shadows. (Part Three). 12.12.2018


Neediness in any form leads to energetic vampirism. From the needy turn away, as from a beggar, collecting pennies. Being in a relationship to those who need it is guaranteed to lose a partner, and in business relations to lose a clientele.

In any relationship, for example, when selling your goods and services, and even more so in any conflict, the two of you who need the other more are not aware that they are giving your partner a command by your neediness: “Run !!! I am going to borrow your energy If you are close, I will drink you to the bottom. Therefore, begiiiiiii !!!!! "

Having received such a team, there is no doubt that your client will be blown away in an instant as the wind blows, and your loved one will close tightly from emotional closeness with you for a long period.

Poverty, like a red light bulb on your forehead, informs you at every corner that you are going not to give energy of attention and love, but to take the last from people. And they, one by one, begin to turn away from you, causing you to have feelings of despair, rejection and drug addiction without another dose of someone else's attention.

The hole in the chest opens and, like a vacuum cleaner, wants to suck in everything that gives energy: food, likes in social networks, news on TV and other surrogates of pure love.

It is at this moment the easiest way to recognize all your shadows for yourself and the world.

But recognition is not enough. Because if you recognize them in exchange for approval, you will be a vampire again and will run away from you again.

Hmm … It did not work … What are you doing? – in despair you will exclaim. – I am so tired of needing, I want to give, I don’t want more vampiiiiirit !!!!

If you are truly ready to get out of need and become a PLUS Person, ready to give, then you need to realize that such a transformation is long and you need to spend a year or three on it, but it is worth it and will bring you much more spent. Hundreds of times more. Or even thousands. I know it by myself.

If you are truly ready, the Universe will help you through many people, including through me.

Now I will give you the keys of transformation into a PLUS Person, which you can only use by building up the practice, rather than reading and reassuring that you now have them.

Information in itself without action is not only useless, it is also harmful, because a decent amount of energy is spent on its processing, and for a needy person even crumbs of lost energy lead to energy hunger and despair. Therefore, either decide to start your Transformation and read on, or close this article and continue to search for your victims further.

So, from this moment I am writing only for those who have decided to transform their personality from the PLUS Person in need of personality.

Here are the secrets of getting out of conflict to a new round of relations (I’m warning again that without practice this knowledge in real conflict will be difficult for you to apply)

1. During a conflict, the parties seek each other's food with attention and approval. That is a vampire each other.
2. One in conflict is always PNZH, and it is closed, and the second DRI, and he more need to continue the relationship.
3. DRI must recognize its need and recognize that it is a vampire with a partner.
4. DRI should switch from external to internal energy search and find unlimited support in itself.
5. Your inner half is always supported. Inner woman in men (Anima) and Inner man in women (Animus).
6. Sacral union with Anima / Animus gives integrity, flexibility, full awareness and faith in yourself and your partner. Being connected to your true soul mate automatically means switching to the status of Man Plus.
7. Access to the Anime / Animus is not possible until the generic gestalts, expressed in a sense of fear of losing loved ones or property, are completed.
8. It is also necessary to deal with the so-called PROGRAMMING PHASE – the period from your conception to the year when you accepted all of your main scenarios of Destiny.
9. Having completed the generic and childish gestalts, you will close all the energy leaks that make you a needy energy vampire and you will have the energy to sense, see and manifest your Inner half.
10. People who create harmonious personal and business relationships with you will begin to attract your energy. Simply put, long-awaited Love and Glorification will come to you.

How to really complete generic and childish gestalts and unite with your true half so that external partners interact with you for a long time?

Make a decision to devote the year 2019 to your Transformation. Complete the training:
1. "Life Code Basic and Advanced Levels" to complete all generic gestalt. Master the technology of Individual Arrangements by the method of Mark Ifraimov. This technology will free you from bindings to the masters and save hundreds of thousands of rubles (and some even have dollars).

2. "Birth of the King and the Queen" to work out and release from their childish unfinished gestalts, which now form negative behavior patterns perceived by others as the behavior of a person in need.

3. "Femininity through the eyes of men. Irresistible masculine charisma through the eyes of women", in which you will learn to press the Shadows of a partner and dance with him.

(Note that the training of the ZHM is held only once a year in Moscow, once a year in St. Petersburg and once a year in Almaty).

Well, here … All the lighthouses, coordinates, passwords and turnouts you received, you can sail.

Do not change your decision to transform into a PLUS Person.

Remember that any relationship will still come to conflict. And if conflicts are inevitable, then you should prepare for them and enter them to extract resources from them and move with your loved ones to a new stage in the development of your love.

© Mark Ifraimov, December 12, 2019.

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