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Mark Ifraimov – Attention Deficit. 19.12.2018.

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Mark Ifraimov - Attention Deficit. 19.12.2018.

Every day I receive a mailing about investments. Well, you know, this is where people are invited to attend free webinars to master the initial and advanced investment tools. I wonder what they can give me so that I can really become an investor, but I have never visited even one.

"Once," I tell myself every day when I see a new issue of the newsletter. And slowly I catch myself thinking that I am starting to perceive this useful information as spam!

I think that you also perceive my posts as something like spam, especially if you see the next training dates and phone numbers of the organizers at the end of the post.

So the person is arranged, that he perceives any offer in his address as an attempt to wean his blood savings. Even if he wants to develop in this topic.

The funny thing is that in personal relationships the same thing happens: when one partner asks for attention from another many times, the applicant becomes a spammer, and most of his messages are instantly thrown into the garbage bin in the partner's head.

Eh … difficult we, people, creatures – we ourselves want something, looking for information, how to develop in a particular topic, but when information comes, we immediately close ourselves from it, fearing that we will be reset, de-energized, take the last.

Hence the conclusion:
It generates an external lack of relationships and, as a result, the flow of abundance.

Our internal energy shortage is, in fact, a lack of attention. As received in childhood from parents, and now required for giving to someone. Partner. The boss. Subordinate. To the client The seller.

Attention is unbearable.
It changes forever …

Attention inexplicable.
It is both above and through me …

Energy elusive
It carries me in,

Where will i merge with the great power
And we will … Already without I.

Attention is unbearable
For I, but not for WE.

We are so divinely beautiful
We are all your dreams!

Attention is unbearable
Like a power given out of years.

From strength I am always in impotence,
But WE grows stronger forever!

That's all for today. I feel that your attention has already been exhausted and it is time for you to drop a quick glance to scan other subscriptions, habitually sprayed on millions of small particles of your Self, strengthening the unshakable and eternal attention deficit.

And perhaps a miracle will happen and today something will grab your attention so that you immediately fill up and notice the old truth:


© Mark Ifraimov

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