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Summer has become a time of zeroing some programs, I almost did not write, not because there was no desire, it was just an emptiness that arose inside me that did not carry new knowledge and revelations. And only with the onset of September, I wondered: "Are we moving further, are we following the fate of the soul?" Expansion of consciousness is such that the point of no return is passed. The consciousness of the Soul is no longer tied to the consciousness of the earth. Earthly values ​​are not dominant. Many attachments fell apart.

And being in this emptiness, I prayed to the Mother of God, the Higher Self and the Heavenly Mentor, with a request to take me out of this emptiness. And after several days of meditation, I felt the descent of AAA RA energy. She embraced my structure, my physical body was saturated with the energy of the Great Central Sun, and the process of purification began.

I could not previously describe the properties of AAA RA energy. Only today I was able to realize its universality and strength. Moreover, I very clearly realized her birthright, as if this is what started the birth of the Soul. AAA RA is the womb in which the Soul has matured. Surrounded by Mary, Higher Self and Mentor, I called on AAA RA, which instantly filled me. My whole divine structure: the structure of the bodies, the chakra system, the DNA, each cell connected to AAA RA. A few days ago, the Solar God and Goddess told me: "AAA RA is the Highest Gift of the Gods." So we should take it with gratitude.

Now I understand why it was necessary to dive into the void. This is the zeroing period, the knowledge system is being improved. Some of the knowledge loses relevance, becomes incorrect, the system of values ​​is revised. Being at this point we are once again asked: "Ready to go on?"

And here you can stop and enjoy the flow that the Universe, Cosmic Consciousness has given us, you can choose a mission and go with the flow. But you can look more broadly at everything that happens, and say to yourself: "After all, the MOMENT in which I am staying is not static, it is always in development, is it worth being satisfied with what has been achieved without knowing great opportunities?"
And here, at this moment of my evolution, I decided not to become attached to the MOMENT, but to go further.

At the moment I made several discoveries:

1. Each time making a transition, what we call death, the soul is freed from the burden of earthly tragedies, i.e. we erase the memory. We go through the process of erasing memory twice when the soul is freed from the physical body and continues to move along the matrix of LIFE. Along with the memory and emotions go.

And when we are born, we again erase the memory, but the memory of who we really are, the memory of the Divine Beginning. However, we retain the ability to remember ourselves. And this is one of the tasks of the incarnation, to remember about your Divine Beginning. When the process of memory begins, we begin to turn to the past, looking for answers there. But the answers are not only in the past and not only in the matrix of the Earth. They are everywhere, we have left our mark on many points of the universe. And all this is carefully kept by CHRONICLES OF AKASHI.

In order for the memory process to begin, it is necessary to be focused on wanting to make contact with the Higher Self and the Mentor. Here begins the process of purification, it is important to remove all the spam, which is filled with our earthly memory. It is this rubbish that often becomes an obstacle to the connection with the Higher Self.

The first stage of reunification is entering the zero point, then a feeling of emptiness is achieved, and then the vibrations will rise and move to a new level of consciousness. Purification becomes a key stage on the path of reunification with the Higher Self. And as the consciousness grows, there is an understanding that the Higher Self is Me, not someone who moves me, but a part of my consciousness that is on higher levels of being. Here you stop identifying yourself as a follower, something of little importance, little understanding. Awareness of my unity with the Higher Self is happening beyond the 4th dimension, it is happening to me even now, when I approached the 7th dimension consciousness. At this stage of the expansion of consciousness, the immortality of the soul is known. All the time I say to myself: "You are immortal!" The illusion of death has no power before me. But the realization of immortality imposes a great responsibility. Here the control of thought and action takes on greater significance. It is in this MOMENT that the inner division begins.

Outside the physical body, we do not have emotions, so divine consciousness moves us, we open the opportunity to read the Knowledge Book, we gain the ability to appeal to the wisdom of the Universe, we fully begin to understand the Law of Karma. Yes, this does not happen immediately, and outside the body the soul develops, seeks to climb the degrees of consciousness.
Being in the sphere of the Earth, we are endowed with emotions and feelings. Sometimes emotions and feelings overshadow the mind. Good to be phlegmatic, and if you're a choleric?

Being in the sphere of the earth, we are in the general information field, whether you want it or not, but this is so, we are all accomplices in what is happening, voluntarily or unwittingly, we are involved in the processes occurring on Earth. Chaotic information flows create chaos inside us. Is it possible to disconnect from them? You can not watch TV, not listen to the radio and forget about the Internet, concentrate fully on your Divine Beginning. But isn’t the purity of the experiment in which the soul enters here, is it lost its task to disengage, to close in its own capsule and be in a state of bliss? Is one of the tasks not to find peace within oneself while in complete chaos?

At this MOMENT of development, you possess the KNOWLEDGE with which the Universe has endowed you. The struggle with emotions begins. I clearly felt it, the affirmation “Control emotions, control your anger” constantly sounds in my head.

The other day, I watched a video on YOUTUBE, and it made me angry. I am a choleric person, and thousands of wild mustangs immediately reared inside me, but at the moment of anger, I suddenly heard the voice of the Higher Self: “Remember that anger destroys you. "You cannot undo all achievements by yielding to momentary weakness." In moments of anger, irritation, even offense, we can easily offend another. I began to fear my own anger, realizing my responsibility to my own soul.

2. An important discovery was the fact that after going through the processes of erasing memory, re-connecting to the Akashic Records, we no longer experience past experiences, which is undoubtedly good. We simply begin to become aware of causes and effects, and this helps us correct our fate. We see faces around us and understand the meaning of their coming into our life. And this is part of our common ministry to each other within the matrix of the Earth. We all act within the framework of a given program, which the Higher Forces have given us.

3. Today I know the greatness of my Soul, its wisdom, perseverance. I feel it inside me. I finally realized that she was, and how much she had to endure in order to gain it all. The soul is known outside the matrix of the Earth. Earth cannot fully reveal what I am. And here comes a new level of consciousness, a connection to the Universal Teaching System. The process of assembling the Soul, its aspects scattered throughout the entire universe, begins to merge in the ONE CREATION. Merging with AAA RA energy was the beginning of my merging with ONE, for our ONE BEGINNING is at the core of the GREAT CENTRAL SUN.

4. Today I declare: "The universe is not hostile." The other day I got a video where the hypnologist was trying to communicate with the souls at the level of the astral. And when the Beings came to him, he could not even recognize their Essence. This happened because of fear. If fear is still present in you, you should not rush into astral and other layers of life. Fear blocks an objective assessment of the event, greatly distorts reality. Fear does not have a divine nature, it is an artificially created feeling. He is given to us to limit our possibilities. Therefore, if you aspire to receive information and want to transmit it to others, first of all you will be free from the fear of the Universe.

As consciousness expands, the Universe ceases to be a monster, filled with entities, demons, demons, and other manifestations. Moreover, the Universe does not interfere with our development, but, on the contrary, indulges in this. Of course, the lower worlds exist. But it is important to understand that both the higher and the lower worlds are the creation of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, IT'S A PART OF THE ONE.

Wars are the state of mind, not the properties of the universe.

Marina Semenova, October 11, 2018.

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