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Long smell of the world

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Today: 228

Long smell of the world

Mary, taking a pound of pure pure precious world, anointed Jesus' feet and wiped His feet with her hair; and the house was filled with fragrance from the world.
(John 12: 3)
… leave her; she saved it on the day of My burial.
(John 12: 7)

Andrey Mironov. "Christ and the Sinner"

Today, death is already close so that it can be felt – and still unrecognizable, because it is felt fragrance. Today the day is inextricably linked with the terrible tomorrow – and before it is so deceptively calm, so quiet, so bright … so fragrant.

The world has a persistent aroma, drops that have fallen on clothes remain on it for more than one day, and long after this evening, Maria’s hair probably smelled like peace.

Today is the last quiet evening, when the doom of death is still concentrated in the heart of Christ, and the desire to kill him is in the plans of the Jewish authorities. And between these two plans of death there is still no intermediary. The mediator will be – tomorrow. Passionate medium is a turning point to death, an open turning point. Another life will break, it will break, then the cervical vertebrae will break.

There is still a long evening and a whole long night ahead, and only tomorrow – the wheel will spin, spin so that it can no longer be stopped.

But He knows. He knows, immersed in Himself in the midst of an empty argument, that tomorrow will inextricably link the two plans, will become the fulfillment of prophecies. He knows that tomorrow everything will be wrong.

And He is inwardly ready for death, so ready that this very quiet evening, when all the last hours are still covered, is called the day of His burial.

But for now … for the evening in the house of friends, and sadness, but surrounded by the warmth of loved ones. The last peaceful sunset behind the Jerusalem roofs, pink and gold, flowing into the windows of the house, lying on the walls, on the floor, the warm smell of peace throughout the house – the smell of even a few drops lasts a long, long, longer than life itself.

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