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Listen, be and do

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Listen, be and do

Dear friends!

In honor of the church new year we want to give you an interesting concept. She was born during one of the gospel groups that are held in our office. Of course, we do not pretend to a brilliant discovery, we just hope that these reflections can help someone.

It all started with thinking about Judas. Why, having the grace of the apostleship, he became a traitor? What prevented his spiritual

Growth – did he do something wrong, or was it just originally not so? Or did he not listen attentively to Christ,

did not take the heart of His teaching?

It turned out this scheme:

What is it about?

Listening is the ability to pay attention to something other than yourself. The ability to turn to God in prayer and hear His answer.

The ability to see how others perceive me, and to hear them when they tell me about it. The ability to rely on authority and guided by other people's ideas. In the end, this obedience is the ability to listen with all your being, as Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh says very well.

Being is my inner qualities, then what I am, my current state, my level of development.

To do is my activity, concrete deeds in transforming myself and the world around me.

Harmonious development occurs when a person combines all three aspects in his life. Focusing on only one aspect is a false path leading to stagnation and degradation.

This harmony should manifest itself in relations with God, with people, in professional and family life.

On one whale

There is a common problem – concentration on affairs. A person begins to actively engage in beautiful things – missionary work, rebuilding destroyed temples, reading rules, helping the poor and sick, and making money, finally. At the same time, he does not pay attention to his internal state and does not hear, when friends and distant ones tell him that something is wrong.

Such deafness is a frequent illness among the best people, “professional” ministers: doctors, priests, missionaries, psychologists. They do a lot, but few people listen to it – and as a result, problems begin with the inner world. This often ends with professional burnout.

How to avoid it? On the group, one of the participants beautifully formulated: "becoming a servant of Christ, you cannot stop being his disciple."

The second type is an eternal student, a person “always a student, and not able to reach the knowledge of the truth” (2 Tim.3: 7). his attentive and diligent study is practically not expressed in any way in affairs, and as a result a crisis of “to be” arises: a person does not find a “living God”, does not fully enter the Church – he only learns to do it without risking to try. This is addressed to such people: “faith without works is dead” (James 2:20)

And still others are carriers of “God in the soul”, convinced opponents of posts and priests. Many of them are sure that everything is in order with their inner world, and therefore they do not need any special actions, much less someone's instructions. “With my“ being ”and so everything is fine, I do not need to listen to anyone and do anything. It is striking that the most dense ritual of faith is often adjacent to such convictions.

What to do?

For all three cases, one recipe is balance.



To be closer to God, one must listen to Him (in prayer, in Scripture, in the words of others, in the circumstances of life, in

Holy Tradition) and work in accordance with what was heard.

To be closer to people, you need to listen to what they say, how they react to me – and work on yourself.

To be a sought-after specialist, you must not only “work a lot to kill” (as A.P.Koka says), but also listen attentively — the bosses, colleagues, other specialists in this field, try to see the big picture.

And once again, in order to be a disciple of Christ, one must listen to Him and live by His commandments.

How it works?

Internet addiction "width =" 200

Suppose I am not satisfied with my “do”: when I come to work, instead of calm and meaningful work, I endlessly switch between tasks, and I sit thoughtlessly on the Internet 30% of the time. Attempts to solve this problem at the level of “doing” do not bring success – on strength of will, I can hold back for two days, then everything returns to its original positions.

I will try first of all to turn to God with a question, then I will ask a priest who I trust, read literature on addictions, look for books of holy fathers on close topics … It all turns me to “to be”: what inside of me makes me ignore work? Fear of a new challenge, lack of communication, simple fatigue?

Having identified the problem of "being", I can already do something at this new level, and perhaps more effectively: take the time to communicate with friends, ask for advice on the task from the experts, paint it on a piece of paper, relax.

Didn't it work, something went wrong? And how do others solve this problem? Go back to “listen” …


This is a spiral development: after going through “listen” and “do”, I can “be” at a new level, and, accordingly, listen and do a little differently. And so on, on and on.

There is no destination on this way. This is a difficult and sometimes quite painful road. But this is the path to intimacy with God and other people, to inner peace and fullness of life.

Try it! 🙂

Matvey Berhin
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