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Light Forces help everyone!

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Light Forces help everyone!

People often turn to me with a very simple, at first glance, request. They ask me for them to ask for help from the Light Forces. They believe that their words do not reach and they are not heard at all.

My relatives, I want to share with you what I see, hear and feel, so that you believe that we are all equal, help comes to everyone.

We hear absolutely everyone! There are no elected or privileged persons, everyone is equally loved, expensive and very important.

When I want to ask for Divine support and help for myself or someone else, I first tune in to the purity of my heart – his honesty and sincerity, so that my words are not "empty sound" but filled with the warmth of my soul – were told from everything hearts, heartily.

At that moment, I connect with the Divine plan and feel how my request came, how many Light Forces fly to me or to someone else to help and support on the way.

When we ask from a pure heart, from the bottom of our hearts, when sincere and honest, our words always reach the Highest plans, and we immediately find ourselves in the circle of a loving and caring Heavenly Family.

And always, when people say that their prayers, their spiritual words do not reach, their sincere requests are not heard, I see that help has long since reached them – they are surrounded by many Light Beings.

When I ask the Light Forces early: “Help this person, he needs your help!” They “throw up their hands in bewilderment” and say: “Can't you see how we love him, how we try for him, as in everything help him …? "

And I see this great help, this titanic work, this disinterested service, this tremendous work for the good of all of us, so that we finally see the light and realize that the cause of all our troubles and problems in that low energy that hides inside. We are given such help so that we can see this energy and change, opening up to our inner Light, our Soul.

None of the Light Forces will do our work for us, will not remove those obstacles in our way that are so necessary and help us to return to our Light. They push us to change and contribute to our spiritual growth. Without them, we would have ceased to develop and would have remained so below, at the very bottom of the ego, in darkness.

All our life, all people around, all life situations and problems only help us, prompt and stimulate us to changes inside. When we are healed from inner darkness, all our problems disappear, life is getting better, becoming happy and joyful, full of love.

Many Light Forces help us every day, to every person on the way!

They pass through the whole world an infinite number of clues. They arrange for us fateful meetings, they lead us to significant places, they direct us to the right sites, give us the right books …

And their most important help that I feel inside, they surround us with their loving energy, as if they embrace and pour upon us the high streams of their infinite Light and their unconditional Love.

It’s as if we are in the protective Divine circle, and this high energy can help us calm our mind, full of uncertainty, judgment and fear; align and harmonize themselves; escape from the darkness of the ego; to disconnect from external influence and to finally hear Yourself — that which comes from within.

All this is revealed to us when we stop panicking, calm down and just trust all the Light Forces, believe in them and are ready to accept their support and help.

Just feel how many Divine beings flock to your heartfelt request, they envelop you with the energy of their love, and you immediately calm down and it becomes easier for you.

Their energy enters into us, fills and opens from within. This high Divine energy creates simply miracles – we have huge internal awareness, we open up inside and begin to understand: what we need to change in ourselves, where to go from here and how to live.

We ourselves remove all our problems, we ourselves change our lives, we ourselves make a conscious choice to the Light every day, and all the Light Forces support us on the way.

My relatives, we are always heard when we speak from a pure heart, with all our soul. A lot of Divine help always comes to us, but only we have the right to change our life. It is we who came to receive this invaluable life experience, it is we who are the real creators here.

With love to you all


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