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Let's pray for peace

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Let's pray for peace

Dear friends!

I think many of you are following the news from Ukraine with intense attention. Watch them and we.

Of course, the Tradition Foundation is out of politics. There is no “fund position in Ukraine” and there can not be. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore political news: approximately every tenth of our wards is from Ukraine, several of our employees live and work there, and Kiev is the second city in the number of visits to our site after Moscow.

Watching the communication of people, you understand that today the position on the Ukrainian events is the line of separation. It becomes obvious that the main opposition is not political, but moral. Mutual hatred, bitterness and anger fill people's hearts on both sides of the barricades. And it is not from God.

Six months ago, there were good neighbors around, and then, unexpectedly, from every podium they begin to say that there are enemies around. On May 1, people in Odessa walked along the embankment together and sat in cafes, and on May 2 they started killing each other. It's very scary, it just doesn't fit in my head.

Therefore, today, although the information field is already overloaded, we decided to write about Ukraine. And we can only say one very simple thing: let's pray for peace. We have no understanding of the alignment of political forces, we will not decide who is right and who is to blame, we will not support anyone. We propose only to pray for the bloodshed to stop, for the warring parties to have the wisdom and courage to come to a peaceful agreement. About the fact that people do not consider each other as enemies, so that everyone sees in the other first of all a person. That the Lord help us to keep our hearts in the world, to refrain from accusations, to conquer our hatred. Let us pray for all those who died because of this confrontation over the past six months.

I think that a prayer for peace is the main task today for every Christian who is concerned about the Ukrainian events, regardless of citizenship, nationality or political affiliation. Patriarch Kirill and locum tenens of the Ukrainian department, Metropolitan Onufry, calls on all believers to do so. You can pray in your own words or use the text proposed by the Patriarch. I personally like this prayer:

Lord and Almighty, Creator of peace, love and mercy Teacher!

Accept a prayer for the people of the land of Russian and Ukrainian. Forgive the sins and iniquities, the hatred and impatience of us all. Do not let those who think cruel and insidious fulfill their evil plans. Protect the defenseless, heal the wounds of the wounded, the dead of the slain. By the grace of the Most Holy Spirit of the Spirit to the love of withered human hearts, by the thorns of hatred, deceit, lust for power, self-interest, envy, malice, slyness and other iniquities overgrown, let the people grow up Your love that burns for You and your brothers for their hearts, because your heart tends to be human may all strife, discord, division among people be exterminated. Dearly we pray thee: grant the world of Russia and Ukraine, Your Church and all your people.

After all, You are the King of the world and the Savior of our souls and You are the glory and thanksgiving and worship of all, now and ever and ever and ever.


I would be glad to get your feedback by mail or on Facebook discussion.


Each of us is primarily responsible for ourselves and our loved ones. Therefore, I propose: those who are not at the center of the confrontation – let us more often be distracted from the news. Let's work, communicate with loved ones, pray and read good books. Enough of endlessly reading about things that we cannot influence.

I will be glad to continue the discussion: [email protected]

Matvey Berhin
newsletter editor

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