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The whole earthly life of Christ was misunderstood. And only Ascension finally dotted i.

He talked about the Kingdom of God – He was asked about taxes.

He talked about love – and He was asked how many times you can marry.

He revealed the Good News of the Father – and He specified where the most correct temple was.

And even tried to make the king, barely left.

It is very difficult for people to go beyond the usual notions of good and bad. Those then listened to Christ in the first century in Judea logically connected with him their aspirations and hopes for deliverance from the Romans, for life without hunger and oppression, for national greatness.

But time after time Christ evaded the role of the earthly chief. He went into the wilderness, spoke in parables, made friends with non-status people and refused any honors and any violence. Only once did he receive Hosanna — when he went to his death, and only once did he show power — when they desecrated the Temple.

Still, human myopia brought Him to the Cross. Those who condemned Christ in the Sanhedrin, likewise, did not see further the earthly perspective. For Caiaphas, Jesus of Nazareth was only a political troublemaker. And what about the incomprehensible – so who will understand them, the Galileans?

And after the Resurrection, it seems that the few disciples who stayed with Him continued to wait that the Kingdom of Israel would be restored now, as the book of the Acts of the Apostles tells.

It is Ascension – the final answer to the question of the improvement of the land by the forces of the Most High. There will be no State of God on earth, and all human structures are not eternal. The Lord did not direct an ideal order on earth with legions of angels and write perfect tax, family and civil codes. He ascended and left us the Holy Spirit, so that we love each other. Neither the best laws in the world, nor the strongest armies, nor the general wealth can replace us with Him.

Earth is given to people. We are committed to each other. The Lord promised us the Kingdom, but that the neighbors should not be ill, not starve and not be alone, He commanded us to take care of ourselves. He will give strength to it – but we must act ourselves.

And I see no reason why not start right now.

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