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Know your place

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Know your place


Even for those times, John led an unusual life: he was constantly in the desert, fed on wild honey and acridas (locusts). Preached that the people of Israel will not be saved only by descent from Abraham, that every person needs a Savior. He spoke of the need for repentance and the coming Messiah. For this, some tried to kill him, while others believed that John was Christ.

At a time when “deeds of the law” were considered the basis of piety, and the Pharisees who became the nominal pharisees were considered the embodiment of righteousness (for more details about them – in the lectures of Fr. compassion, honesty, and “walking before God.”

Adequate self-assessment

Perhaps the most important thing in the life of the Baptist is an adequate understanding of his place. Or, speaking the patristic language, his humility. John baptized hundreds of people, preached, led the people to God, and at the same time clearly remembered that all his deeds were only preparation. And he himself is the “friend of the groom” who will step aside when the Bridegroom comes and will be happy for Him.

It is possible to take a closer look at this feature and "try it on" for yourself. Can I figure out where my place is? What is my ministry? How to feel that all the trials that “humble” me are not an accident, but a gift of God's love?

Look at the section “Quotes”, there is a good selection of statements on this topic. Perhaps in them you can learn something important for yourself.

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