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Keepers of Universe knowledge. Information flow from 11/16/2018

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Keepers of Universe knowledge. Information flow from 11/16/2018

Welcome, dear friends! We bring to your attention a new information flow of the Guardians of the Universe knowledge for realizing the truth for the second half of November – from 16.11. on November 30, 18

Now direct the beautiful motifs of your Spirit within you.
Live happily!

The day the brightest in your life suddenly remembers your consciousness now. You try to fix those vibrations, let them be laid for a long time in your fields. Yes, this is an important step!

We welcome you again, dear earthlings! We are pleased to our new meeting.

The most valuable thing for your consciousnesses is to accept the flows of new potential that are transmitted to Earth from the great vast Cosmos. And this is the process of updating all life cycles, and this is happening from time immemorial. But how can a person accept them into his Body, if his field is crammed with a multitude of experiences? How to let the true Light into your heart and get joy in life? Many of you do not imagine how you can free yourself from low-vibration content, how to improve the state of your Soul. Not everyone is familiar with the teachings that are given for a person from the Thin Plan and this is also all taken into account by the Highest level.

And today we will lay out one of the options for you, so that a person can get what is necessary for his life core, simply and conveniently, even if he does not read these lines.

When, in a certain way, a person’s consciousness is on a positive wave, whether it is watching television programs, or what kind of meeting, where laughter is heard and a smile does not leave the face, and the like, at this moment brain cells acquire a particular consistent configuration that is able to take positive charged particles in its core. It is here that a certain sinus slit is revealed, which allows us to accept new elements of a certain series for the perfection of the human mind. Let this involved mechanism is very smooth and slow, but it allows a person to live, healthy and get new elements for the continuation of life. It happens always and forever, and today we decided to reveal this secret to you.

Yes, at the present time stream on your life platform, i.e. very global transformations are taking place on your Earth and everything is happening in the planned mode with minimal loss of human lives. But a man is indefatigable, he needs a result right there, momentarily, and he never takes into account the general rules of the Universe for ever, but in vain).

I felt what changes in myself, direct the wave of your positive to your neighbors, to your relatives, friends, colleagues. I saw that their changes are great, people are changing before your eyes, you have gone to wave to your city, to the Land or Region. It will take time – after all of his country, and then, you see, on all continents. From this, your fields, your consciousness and your heart will get stronger so that everything unpleasant (terrible) will be uneasy, you will feel strength, power and become a completely new person. For many of the people, this is what happens. Here you need to love yourself, as God loves you all, believe in your strength, set a goal and fulfill all your dreams with the perfection of the Spirit.

Oh, man, it's all you can! Enough to be sad for you. Now you remember what was beautiful in your life, go in or take a dive into that wave. Feel the difference – in what condition you are now and fix it, send a wave to your life. Believe yourself, in your abilities, keep a wave on your heart. Everything will be fine! Breathe deeper with clean air, keep your connection with the Earth, and let the air blow all the cells, blows all the negative layers, feeds the water, fills the sun, and directs your Spirit. Believe yourself! And you say after yourself “How simple everything is, I am a good fellow!”

Now stay a little in silence, let everything be deposited in the mind. And we will continue our conversation. All for you, precious people.

Try to dissolve even for a moment in love.
and then you will see your life in a different Light.

The streams that came to Earth have their purpose – to unite people's hearts in a single rod, where, in the joy of the earthly possibility of being, everyone must and can realize everything.

For each individual human heart, the perception of flows is different, its own and this is the path of each and the choice – it is yours. You will choose the path of life through the unification space or your path – all this is the path of the Soul in co-creation with the Essence of the Incarnation will decide.

We give our advice, helping to open the knowledge of the string.

For you, for each of you, now it’s not easy to complete your tasks, because time on Earth, as well as everywhere, carries Lessons from the healing of hearts and many Souls leaving the limits of the earthly layer go to your House without waiting for renewal. That is why it is so important for you to know that opening the heart openly, as you say, pours the flow going through the heart into the flow of the Soul and can be the very turn where the Essence will play its part to expand the Soul and the new faces will open the door to the Divine Gate.

Well, man, we will be very happy when we see that the flow of information coming from us helps you to change consciousness.

You want to understand why is it so difficult? – You see, the fact is that your Souls have chosen this path to strengthen the Force, and some have come once again to go through the same circle, which the human Essence cannot recognize from incarnation into incarnation and, making a mistake, escapes from the Lessons.

Each Essence has its own reasons for doing so, but the main thing you should remember is – LOVE, yes, and in the unconditional version. Do not divide everything and everyone into + and -, try to realize that in each there is both that and that, for this you are on Earth on Gaia, it is so arranged here that a lot of threads are woven in human bodies. Your task is to strengthen your Love, to come to the conclusion that ALL is ONLY and you are all Divine Children!

Think, accept for yourselves as the Truth that there is Love and in you it lives and pour out streams of Light from your hearts. Then your path will become easier and brighter.

The precious people of Earth-Gaia, be in a state of sensation of Love. Try to dissolve in it even for a moment and then you will see your life in a different Light. Stay in the joy and goodness of learning new things for yourself!

With you were the Keepers of the Universal Information, with Love!

Co-creative channeling: Amadeus-Creola

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