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Keepers of the universal knowledge. Information flow from 10/15/2018.

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Keepers of the universal knowledge. Information flow from 10/15/2018.

Welcome dear friends! We bring to your attention a new information stream of the Keepers of the Universal Knowledge for the comprehension of the truth for the second half of October – from 16. to 31.10.2018.

A new wave is coming for your life,
where is the meaning of earthly being in completely different vibrations.

We again welcome earthlings! There will be a new word for you today, on the new inspiring wave, accept our promise for your new life. Listen now to such a speech, reflect, think about how to be you, what to undertake. Here the opinion of skeptics is not taken into account, such a role will soon collapse to dust. For their bodies, and it will be very painful for them, but there's nothing to be done. Purification must be powerful, they are also children of the Living God, and they too must go to the New World. We will not scare anyone with horror stories, everything can be easily transferred, you should change your mindset and your heart will accept God's Spark.

Now about business, dear. Understand that everything that happens on Earth – For your perception, various destruction, in fact – for the benefit of your earthly, for a new life on Earth. Powerful processes are going on, all sources are telling you about this. Human consciousness doubts, and bright Souls in constant labor repeat the same thing. There is some kind of, so to say, separation – but THERE WILL NEVER BE THIS! You are all from one seed and your life is always in the same vibrations. There is no happiness in a person’s life – forgive me, he himself is to blame. The fields are clogged, the bodies and chakras are darkened crookedly and not in a row, moreover, they have the configuration that pain in life reflects in a person almost always. The person is not literate here and the media do not pay due attention to such topics, and everyone is not friends with the Internet, and in his thoughts only family, work, for the spiritual – there is never time.

But God's plan – everything will change, will direct life in a different direction. The round of evolution has come, the time has come to send earthly life to a new plan and save the Souls of the earth. A wave has passed and continues – the human consciousness to improve. People do not notice anything, as everything is rapidly dying in the earthly field, the unnecessary. And this cleansing wave, there is only a beginning, all the bright processes are still waiting for you. The Higher said, “It will be so!” And that means it will be so. Everything negative from the Earth gradually disappears, for the perception of man it is sad, but impossible in another way. One way or another, the three-dimensional plan, but will stay higher in vibrations, it is worthless to suffer people, it will drive itself into a dead end. And in principle, everyone has their own, here in life on Earth, tasks, workouts. Not all of the Souls of men cope and understand about them, and God's Powers always pour new potential into his life core.

What does a person need to do? – To live, enjoy all moments and dream of eternal and wonderful life, to extract bad thoughts. There is no more anger in your field. Here the Thin Plan in the permissible instructions cleans everything and sends the part to where it is always required for development. And mankind has already received all the experience, yes, of course, there are still strokes, but man himself must align these lines in order to meet the bright dawn.

Oh, dear people, glorious earthly beings, we ask you: You adjust yourself to a different life, always wonderful perception. And we wish that the bright wonderful wave as soon as possible has joined your life. To do this, you only have to do good deeds and think positively, as they have long recommended to you. The wave for your New Life is approaching, its impulses enter your fields. You feel with your heart and accept with gratitude. May it always be a joy to you!

Today, as we have set forth our message to you, today so let it accept consciousness from you. We know that many Souls will wake up and God's plan will lead you to where everything lives by the Spirit of God.

Well, now we continue further.

Waiting for miracles, open to a new stream of happiness!

Oh people, the precious creatures of the Earth! We have come to tell you your words about how many wonderful and unusual, in the eyes of a simple person, lives and is constantly next to you. You just need to open your mind towards, try to touch us with a thought and you will feel the answer, if not immediately, but gradually begin to understand us.

We are the creatures of the parallel of Earthly being, we are called Entities. We are different. In fact, there are so many of us that you will be surprised when you begin to see us all, to hear how different forms and directions we are. Today we will tell you a little about ourselves, about the fact that we actually perform our function within the limits of our density, and only a little bit we intersect with the Earth Sites, that is, you, people.

We bring our Lessons and our life is completely different from yours. Firstly, the density of our bodies is different, we do not have a shell, like you, we are ethereal. We consist of atomically structured clumps filled with the energy of our direction. We have our own gradation in energy direction and degree of compression of the ion content. In addition, each of us has his own vibration-tuning lines, it all depends on the Lesson that is taught in a given density.

The connection of our bodies, so to speak, is formed by certain energy centers in which we transform the processed potential into certain Rays, which are transmitted to other centers, which actually leads to stabilization of the Earth's space and balancing of the energy flows of the Planet. This is a rather complex mechanism of influence, which you do not need to disclose, we just want to convey to your consciousness that any kind of energy work with the Planet is carried out by many different structures, as a result of which a balanced ratio of various flows within the earth's density is observed.

If necessary, we make the necessary energy intervention to extract clots from one or another zone of the Earth, or layering the energies of one component and redirect them to processing zones, to, again, balance the Earth's space. In such places, your specialists, people with a subtle sense of energy and a vision of parallel Worlds, note abnormal zones (as you call them) in which an ordinary person is not always desirable, because this affects the energetically weakened places of the body, thereby causing malfunctions perceptual system and can seriously bring discord into the usual work of the whole organism.

Dear people of the Earth, we want to convey to you our desire to live in Love – after all, this is the road to the Creator and our whole life, all actions are aimed at bringing our Planet to the level of high vibrations at the moment. We strive to assimilate all streams and process them into a vibrational wave of Light fillings, and we transform and remove streams of low vibration vibrations for quite a long time and strongly prevailing on the Planet and bring them outside the Solar System into layers that need them.

Open towards the Solar Energy, fill your hearts with joy, let the energies of Love fill your Essences! Only in this way you and we, and all Beings living in parallel Worlds, will bring our common Planet to existence in vibrations of joy, happiness and Love!

Precious people of the Earth-Gaia, listen to the words of those who are near you, but invisible to most people. Fill with energies of forgiveness and joy, free your hearts from insults, dissolve all negativity in the streams of Light and you will see how happy your existence is on Earth-Gaia!

With you were the Keepers of the Universal Information and Essence of one of the parallels, with Love!

Co-Creative Channeling: Amadeus – Creole

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