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Julia Mangalam – Stop living.

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Julia Mangalam - Stop living.

I was lost in the stream of "important" and "adult" affairs, leaving the main torches of my heart for a while. As a result, weakened, sick, tired … It seems that so much is needed, but in fact – everything is close, everything is already there.

☝ Sometimes the most difficult point of development is to stop and exhale. Stop and live. Look back, praise yourself for the way you have done.

In our youth we planted potatoes in the garden: heat, sunshine, all in mud and potatoes at the ready. It is most offensive that I can not stand potatoes and do not eat them at all … For me, the day of planting potatoes was a living hell. But my dad loved planting potatoes. He rose up before dawn and woke everyone up, started up motivational speeches: “Wow, let's work now!” He put the beer in the fridge and went out to a bed of 50 hectares: “Why are you digging there, goofing off! Yulia, carry a shovel! Flax, carry potatoes … "

And with unbeatable motivation, he began to dig … After digging 50 meters, he stopped and said in a dying voice: “Now I will come. Dig for now without me … "Naturally, he never came again ?

Here began the main action – the very gusto, because of which he loved all this. Dirty, wet, he poured cold water and washed in a street shower, took out an ice-cold beer from the fridge, sat on the terrace and looked into the distance … His working day was over on that note – he enjoyed life in contrast with potatoes

And we, of course, for 7-8 hours more slandered in the beds and crawled home, not able to straighten themselves anymore …

You need to be able to stop and enjoy what you have already achieved, instead of the constant race: “We still need this … and this …” The simplest things sometimes bring the coolest pleasure: to dig in the car (for Martian women), take a walk in the woods, play with the cat, cook together food, hug and lie on the couch …

Do not make your development with new chains of your personality. Your development is your freedom.

What gives you life and strength? And how often do you do this?

Julia Mangalam

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