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Jesus – Just to love … 10.21.2018.

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Jesus - Just to love ... 10.21.2018.

My dear ones, we often, all Light Forces, ask you to simply love and nothing more.

Dear ours, Love is the most powerful transforming power, Love works miracles and transforms entire worlds. Love can change the whole of humanity and the entire three-dimensional world.

Love is your inner Light, the Light of your Divine essence, your Soul and Spirit.

When we tell you: “Bring your Light to everyone, share it with everything!” – we also mean: “Give Love to everyone, your true essence, since Love is all of you!”

My dear ones, you often unconsciously do not accept other people: their path, their experience, their lessons, their choice … From this you try to correct them, change, force them to do something or understand, justifying it by the fact that you want to help them, you want only good.

In fact, you do not accept their choice and try to violate the most valuable Divine right – the right to free choice granted to every Divine being.

We ask you to just love everyone, because Love is the help for everyone!

Love is a real, natural, sincere, bright energy that does not violate anyone's rights and never harms.

Love knows how to reach out subtly and naturally, it finds loopholes and paths, it overcomes many “walls-barriers” and gets, transforming everyone with its Light.

Love works miracles! She changes people. She heals suffering hearts. She heals physical bodies.

Love is a powerful inner power, it is your inner and bright Light.

Walk through life in the love and tranquility of your heart, give everyone this high energy with all your heart, share it endlessly and limitlessly, do not be afraid of anything, since Love will never harm anyone.

Love is life itself, its sacred meaning. Love is everything!

With love to you

your jesus.

Accepted by Magda, 10/21/2018

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