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Jesus is Unconditional Love. 10/27/2018

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Jesus is Unconditional Love. 10/27/2018

My relatives, it seems to me that the time has come to tell you about what unconditional love is, many of you are already ready to understand and realize this within.

What is unconditional love?

Unconditional love is the high energy of your Divine essence, because we have not just said so many times to you: you are Love, you are Love itself, you are Love … This is so!

Unconditional love lives right within you – this is your Divine essence.

Mind you all understand that unconditional love is love without boundaries, without barriers and restrictions, without any conditions, when you love yourself or everyone around, the whole world, just like that, and not for anything, be it These are valuable qualities, achievements or high deeds.

Unconditional love is your Divine essence and it is with each of you, inside. This is a new high level of your being when you connect with the one, immortal and boundless Spirit, the Divine Presence within.

When you connect with your Divine essence, its Light, wonderful and beautiful unconditional love begins to flow inside you. It pours in you very simply, naturally and naturally, without choosing at all whether anyone deserves this love.

You become just unconditional love …

You just have to maintain this high-vibration level – “to be the Divine essence in the flesh”, to feel this immortal life in yourself, and not to roll down.

So you open yourself to yourself, your infinite and endless unconditional love, your Highest level of being on Earth, you begin to live in the inner world of God-people and this changes your whole life.

Your unconditional love, the Light of your Divine essence, extends to all around, to the whole world. It spreads from you endlessly and endlessly, not because everything, people and the world, are different, but because you began to see their inner beauty.

A person who has awakened by his Divine essence, having opened up to unconditional love, sees in everything no longer an ego, not a negative, flaws and imperfections, but sees the One and Eternal Life.

He sees in all the Divine part – the very thing that is inside him, and simply merges into a single stream of this Light.

Only a person who has revealed himself, his Divine essence, and therefore unconditional love, can love everyone and everything around, because he sees himself in them – the same Divine piece, the same invaluable and sacred vital force, the immortal Spirit.

How do you open up unconditional love?

My relatives, walking along the path of spiritual development and returning to the Light, you already do this every day. Every day you are a little bit open to your new and high level of being.

Before each of you on the way to Yourself, to your Divine essence, there are many “walls or closed doors”.

These invisible barriers are disbelief, criticism and judgment, offense and guilt, discontent, rejection, struggle, self-pity or pride …

Every day, when you become free from something, release with love all the low energy inside, you open all new “doors” to Yourself, return to your Divine essence.

In this way, every day, your Divine power grows, and one day, it will become so much inside you that it will no longer be a trickle or a ray of Light inside you, but will fill your whole being.

You will definitely return to Yourself, to your Divine Light, and therefore open unconditional and boundless love, since Love is your essence: it was, is and always will be!

Live in love, open to Yourself, remember your Divine Light!

With love for you

your jesus.

Received Magda, 10/27/2018

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