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Is money not spiritual?

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Is money not spiritual?

“I am sad when I see the event“ for a donation ”, thirty people are sitting in the hall, and lonely two hundred rubles are in the circle. If not necessary, then don’t you have to sacrifice? ”

Often I come across the attitude that everything should be free in the Church, and not only in the Church, but in all projects that the Church supports, and if brought to the point of absurdity, then in everything that believers do …

I am a lawyer and collaborate with the St. Petersburg Diocesan Commission on Family, Maternity and Childhood. 90% of people who found out about me from church communication channels do not call back after hearing that the consultation is paid. The question is why?

Behind every phenomenon in our life is either cash flow or someone else's energy. Free legal advice in our city is funded by the state, grants or sponsorship funds. A professional will not work for free, unless it is part of his personal charity.

Parishes are the same legal entities as clinics, dentistry and car services. The difference between nonprofit organizations and commercial organizations is that the former do not share the profit between the founders, it is directed to the needs of the organization. And the needs are exactly the same as those of a business: payment of utility bills, salaries to staff, expenses on a current account and accountants, purchase of the necessary for their activities: candles, vestments, church utensils. The responsibility of the parishioners for the needs of their parish is a pipe dream. We donate as much as we can, no matter how much we pity, and the rest does not concern us, let the abbot blow off. We came to the Church with the same intention – to consume. Please, we have services, so that the choir sings beautifully, needs at a time convenient for us, private confession, and so that no one hurries, I’m a parishioner … And why are prices set in the candlebox? They started trading here, they do business! But I came to a spiritual place, and it turns out … everyone owes me.

Who and what should? Without noticing, we transmit attitudes about the fact that money is not the main thing, money is dirty, we don’t want to think about it, it’s not about me. I personally can’t dock this “spiritual” message in any way with the ostrich position of a person hiding his head in the sand from reality. The more developed the personality, the more areas of responsibility it takes upon itself, without shifting to the neighbor and the state. Human dignity is built on this foundation. I do not want to use the work of another for free for myself. I have no joy from the "freebie."

I am sad when I see the event "for a donation", thirty people are sitting in the hall, and lonely two hundred rubles are in the circle. If not necessary, then you can donate? "For the donation" has become an analogue of the free. Let the other, others, let them do it themselves. But I’m here, I’m listening to interesting information from a person who spent his time and potential to tell me about it, and there is also an organizer and a videographer who are also here, and without them this lecture would not have taken place, not to mention provided premises. But I, inspired by the prospect of self-development, prefer not to think about it and do not even look at this mug for donations, I am close to the Church and use my opportunity for interesting leisure for my own benefit. And I do not understand that at the same time I use and consume for myself the work of several people.

The ability to soberly assess what is happening and to see the resources invested in each phenomenon of public life is associated with an adequate perception of oneself and one's professional services. I calmly voice the price of my legal advice, because that's how I evaluate it, no more, no less. Respecting myself, I respect others, respecting others, I respect myself. This expresses my Christian love for myself and my neighbor.

Money alone is neither bad nor good. It is dangerous when the attitude to money becomes emotional, no matter which side: denial or admiration. Both that and another testifies to an internal clue, attachment, lack of freedom concerning money which is simply a means of payment, an equivalent of commodity circulation, as economists would say. Money has the same relation to the topic of spirituality as, say, pancakes. From time to time we eat pancakes, especially at Shrovetide, and our spirituality is neither good nor bad. But what place in our souls we devote to the topic of money, directly testifies to the level of our spiritual development. Take a closer look, if we always think about how to save money and not spend too much, chase for free and deny the financial flows that accompany us everywhere, then in fact we become dependent on money.

And no “spirituality” can cover it.

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