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Irina Shine – What is going on with you …?

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Irina Shine - What is going on with you ...?

What's going on in the streets? I'm talking about the weather. We in St. Petersburg with the weather going on something unprecedented. A couple of days ago it was snowing and the temperature dropped below zero, and now it's already the second day under +10.

The weather staggers here and there.

Here and in situations which you rake, you can swing around. I took a step, everything seems to be fine, things are going on cheerfully. And then the thought spun in my head, pondered, did something, and the matter stalled.

And what to do?

Do not give up, persistently seek their own. Yes, the mood may fall. It happened to me. You fight, you fight, and the result wobbled on the horizon, gave himself a taste, and washed off. The main thing is not to sulk long and relish. It is important to shake off feathers, draw conclusions, find a bottleneck or where they gave up slack. Ask for help. Because conquering Mont Blanc is easier when you are well prepared.

Remember, the world favors the active and seekers]]

Irina Shine

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