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Igor Nemov – Wear in his heart his soft, warm. tender power.

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Igor Nemov - Wear in his heart his soft, warm. tender power.

“If your strength is in wealth, they will ruin you.”
If your strength is in friends, you will be quarreled with them.
If your strength is in glory, they will forget you.
If your power is in power, you will be overthrown.
If your strength is in truth, they will slander you.
If your strength is in loved ones, they will move away.

– Why?

“Because your power is not in anything external, it is not changeable in anything.” Your strength is within you. Your strength is eternal and unchanging. Someone calls her God, someone love. Someone says that this is the Tao or the path of all things. Not as important as calling her. Having experienced this once, it will be easy to understand what kind of power I'm talking about. For those who discover this in themselves, even poverty serves as wealth, and enemies become friends, and lies turn into truth … Do you know why?

– Why?

– Because the one who discovered constancy in himself knows how to see the same constancy in everything else, without attaching great importance to variability. In the light of this, every other forever ceases to be different for you. When you do not attach importance to changeability, it itself gives way to constancy within you. You know, there’s no power in the world that can crush it. Every power that cannot break the constant in you becomes your own power. This is how this world works.

– But how to gain constancy?

– The most difficult thing is to understand that it is not at all necessary to find what is already in you from your very birth. Just remember the constant. Carry in your heart its soft, warm. tender power. And you know what?

– What?

– This warmth is real happiness!

Igor Nemoff "Pedestrian"

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