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Igor Nemov – Openness is the unity of everything!

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Igor Nemov - Openness is the unity of everything!

“Hell is full of good intentions and desires,” said Saint Bernard of Clairvos in the distant 1150.

Today, this expression is more familiar to us as: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." In my opinion, we have before us a medieval attempt to discover the world the second law of thermodynamics, one of the many modern formulations of which reads: "The entropy of an isolated system cannot decrease."

The Greek word "entropy", which means "rotation" or "transformation", is usually called the measure of deviation of the real course of events from the ideal. It’s like some kind of devil hidden in a snuffbox of an isolated system to inevitably ruin everything. Where does he come from? After all, the system was isolated precisely in order to bring it in perfect order? The secret is that the traits of entropy arise just from the attempt to isolate. He is this very isolation in an infinite world where only openness flourishes perfectly. Openness is the unity of everything! Isolate the water and it stagnates. Block the movement of vital energy in the chakra, and you will get sick. Isolate yourself from the air and you will suffocate. Isolate your desires, and you will turn them into hungry demons. Isolate yourself from other people, and you will go mad in your proud solitude, no matter how orderly and controlled it may seem to you.

Do you want the perfect one? Open the windows, open the doors, go out into the fresh air and follow the Unity of God, like children in games, like birds in the sky, like animals in the woods and like fish in the seas. Love, create and prosper, dissolving in it and becoming everything that you see in your infinite around.

Igor Nemoff "Pedestrian"

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