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Igor Nemov – Love is God who has settled in the heart.

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Igor Nemov - Love is God who has settled in the heart.

To love one’s neighbor means to see him, not appreciating, not judging, and not imposing his ideas about him on him.

Only love can allow another to be what he is.
Only love can accept God's plan for each of his creations.
Only love is able to understand in all its fullness its perfection and originality.
Only love is leisurely interested, vividly notices, wisely observes, carefully compassionates, empathizes and rejoices, and very often admires, but never invents, does not demand and does not expect that which is not really. Like a fresh morning wind, it easily and gently glides over the surface and at the same time without any effort penetrates into the depths of the very essence of everything that attracts her attention.

Do you want to comprehend the world as it is? Fall in love. Look at him with loving eyes. Through the eyes of the Creator. After all, love is God settled in the heart.

Igor nemoff "Pedestrian"