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Igor Nemov – It is impossible to manage that which is not divided.

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Igor Nemov - It is impossible to manage that which is not divided.

“Desire comes from lack, from the need to fill in the missing,” whispered to him the surf at dusk,

– Therefore, all desire is the desire to take. Love comes from nothing. She is the unity of the whole. It has all that is eternally. She has absolutely no need for anything. It takes nothing and at the same time it is inexhaustible, as the infinity itself is inexhaustible. Therefore, the only thing that makes true love – it gives. Gives to everyone who feels it, one single magic – the inexhaustible infinity.

Most people obsessed with a constant lack of this or that never notice this gift. And among them are those few who consider him the most valuable in the world and even find the courage to accept him. Having accepted this gift once, they unconditionally accept everything entirely. So much so that it is impossible to supplement anything, and it can no longer be divided into parts in order to force them to play again and again among themselves on the fields of life, mutually needing each other. That which is not divided cannot be controlled. And no one can rule over the unity of the whole. Therefore, that which cannot be controlled, naturally and imperceptibly governs everything. Therefore, knowledgeable people say again and again that love is God, and God is love. That is why you do not look in your God for anything other than this love, and in your love – nothing but this God.

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