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Igor Nemov – Fall in love with everything that stands in your way.

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Igor Nemov - Fall in love with everything that stands in your way.

– The ego is not something that exists by itself. To arise and last in time, he needs a problem in your head. Thoughts about the future, offenses from the past, anxiety, fear, injustice, as you understand it … All this is a great firewood for the fire called "ego". A bonfire exists while it burns. He himself is indifferent to you, your peace is hated, your happiness is unacceptable for him. For its existence, the ego is ready to burn your brain to the ground. And it cannot be otherwise, because otherwise it is not. Thinking about problems, your attention to them, your concentration and focus on them do not solve anything. After all, problems are not created to be solved …

– But after all problems objectively exist!

– They are not. There are only obstacles in your way. Do you want to beat them easily and simply? Do not let your ego create problems out of them. Spending on their useless decision, will you save strength for the obstacles themselves? Will you receive blissful joy from overcoming them?

– But how, tell, not to turn an obstacle into a problem?

– And you love everything that stands in your way. To overcome obstacles with love is the real life of your present self. And you know what?

– What?

β€œThe ego itself is not a problem either.” It is the very obstacle behind which your inevitable happiness hides!
Here and now!

Igor Nemoff "Pedestrian"

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