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Igor Nemov – Better Close Your Eyes …

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Igor Nemov - Better Close Your Eyes ...

– Do not look for love, because it is stupid to look for what is everywhere and above all in yourself.
Do not embark on a long journey to your happiness, for it is always where you are, here and now.
Do not complicate God, for there is nothing simpler than the one who is eternal and omnipresent, and therefore is inseparable from you either in time or in space.
Do not go crazy with thoughts of the eternal and infinite, because that which has no end has no beginning, which means it does not need any distances and stretches of time and can easily fit in a secluded corner of your heart, like all stars and their galaxies fit into the whole universe.
Do not be afraid not to understand what is only doing, what is being crushed and crumbling within the limits of your mind, just as the living grain is crushed and crumbling in the millstones of rotation. Limitations are not given to comprehend the unlimited.

Instead, close your eyes, stop your restless mind and remember your endless soul, which thinks with love alone and serves as a measure of the bottomlessness of God.

Igor Nemoff "Pedestrian"

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