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Igor Nemov – And now meet …

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Igor Nemov - And now meet ... – Do not try to be happy. Do not try to love. From effort, neither love nor happiness comes. They come to whoever is. There is in the present. Here and now. Find in the short word "there is" three words at once: "I", "with", "you", combined into one. Feel the meaninglessness of "I" without its communion with "you." Realize the illusiveness of everything external without its all-consuming unity with your inner world. Comprehend your own illusions, meaninglessness and incompleteness without natural union with all that surrounds you. Here and now. This sensation, awareness, comprehension of the unity of "I" and "not I" without any effort will suddenly turn all the illusory and meaningless in you and around you into everything true and present. They will completely fill your nature with love, and happiness, and bliss. And now get acquainted: it is this fullness that is your soul, inseparable from God. Only here it can be found. Only here and only now!

Igor Nemoff "Pedestrian"

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