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Idealia – Earthly principles are already going into the background.

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Idealia - Earthly principles are already going into the background.

Good day to all. We again introduce you to the new message of Sibel-Idealia. And as happened this time: We were at the Turkish wedding with the whole family. Everyone was having fun, and suddenly we saw that the granddaughter of Daria, she is 12 years old now, is saddened, her eyes in a wet place have become. They asked “What happened?” She replied that she saw Sibel now. In a green long dress with a stern look and soon before the eyes of her granddaughter slowly and smoothly disappeared. And in life, she knew her well, they communicated on a friendly wave. Among the guests, we examined, there was no one in the green dress. Then we realized that this is a sign and we should go out to contact. Here, in fact, our meeting took place:

Greetings, Amadeus and Velimas. Write my message to people today, it will sound like this:

“Earthly principles are already going into the background.”

Oh, dear brothers and sisters, oh, dear fathers and mothers, today we will talk about your beautiful future life, but just listen to what you need to do first.

The earth's field, it is in the vibrations of the most powerful and life cycles are changing headlong. It is important to understand that there is no turning back to the past. No need to remember your mistakes, all the way that has been traveled – this was the experience of the Soul. Now tune in to the new and accept the Sparks of God so that it is fun to go.

Your prayer to God, I'm sorry, but should not sound like everyone else. This is your innermost request coming from the heart – then its impulses will reach those heights that God will know everything. The Universe will accept your order, but don’t teach everyone what you have written – and know, this is an illusion that leads you astray. Yes, yes, it knocks us away from the truth. You will remember – the Father gave only one prayer, everything else should come from the heart, that life requires of you – according to the need of life. Then you will receive everything.

A little more about prayer. It should sound in silence, in a state of peace of mind, warmth. I know when a situation happens, there are many experiences – not to the warmth. Here it is necessary to understand the divine meaning, to enter into one’s heart and with consciousness to reach spiritual warmth. And only then, ask and beg the Creator. The templates here will not help you, there is only consolation, say, for yourself, but as a result – emptiness. Each person sets for himself the rule of prayer, but words from the heart must always sound. Let it be in the form of gratitude or joy from the past day, and constantly, as twice as two. And, if suddenly hesitated, forgot, then your personal fields will be removed from the circle of eternity and you will need to start all over again. And in life, how everything turns out: When severe pain appears, then people turn to God. And how much needs to be done to restore your fields).

And a person does not know such subtlety, and I tell you about it: Prayer must be unceasing, and in joy, and in prosperity, on the way. Never part with the spiritual plan and know if he will lead you to the gate, where life will be new. And who will not do this, excuse me, will repeat the previous cycle.

Now we will talk more about what your thoughts in the world are doing. Ohhh … it's cool, brightly all the processes are repeated day by day. On the Thin plane, the Calculators do not have time to distinguish the very changed cycle. When plus (+) will prevail here, and you will not have time to look around, as in the minus (-) the Earth will float. And the life of earthlings, like a sack, I'm sorry – it will be blown away, then like a ball. But it should not be, thinking, it changes the pulse of the planet. I do not want to tell you bad, but people with a low level of thinking and if they don’t have a desire to improve their status, they will be removed.

The earth is now and everyone who is in it, all people and the animal world, everyone’s cell structure is changing. So help your thinking, transform life, where the cells are awakened again and the spark of God in your heart will lead you to a new wave of all. But the old world will cease to live and utopia with the illusion of a distant plane will depart, disappear forever from the earthly plane and this is so.

And at the end of today's meeting, I’ll add a little more, I know for some it will be unpleasant, and maybe it will inspire someone. But people who live in a fraudulent way, everything will be taken away from them. Inequality, injustice – they will not be in the life of that which is offered to the earthly plan. I note that everyone will answer and for everything, there will be no more incentives where they unjustly contribute, and who is worthy – they offend. It will not be so, everything will be according to the Laws of God and these changes, they are already on their way. And know, dear people who have done, repent on your way. Years will pass, they are so inconspicuous and time on Earth, it flies, flies. And know, your children will soon live on a new wave. And those who are pure in Soul and heart in good intentions, in time with God, in his covenants, they, even in the next life, will rejoice and find happiness.

Today the topic was this. I was assigned to convey it to you. I know, there will be various exclamations, but not to turn off a new path. Oh, dear brothers and sisters, please reflect on your life and believe: With all your good intentions, the lines of life will be corrected. Today I say goodbye to you! I do not say goodbye, we have many meetings. Try to live in joy, love the world, love everyone. And in the morning, when you wake up, pour out the words of Love to yourself, smile and your day will be bright, and God will be in the Soul!

I’m Idealia, I’m always open for you, sometimes I will show myself strict to you, but dear, living life is not a field to move, we learn everything along the way. See you! I am leaving the field of communication, my earthly associates, I thank you!

Accepted: Amadeus in co-creation with Elancia Velimas.

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