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How to stay in love with a couple after years of marriage


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Every family is happy in its own way. All people are completely different with their interests and characters. Even the opposites attract and over time, in family life, spouses find an approach to each other, learn to give in, find occupations that are interesting to both. But how often do young families collapse or are on the verge of divorce because they have forgotten… Marriage is a hard daily job for both. You can’t let everything go wrong, hoping that love will stand the test.

Over time, love alone is simply not enough to forgive each other, even the smallest of grievances. Spouses move away, become strangers or just neighbors by habit. They are not happy together anymore, but it’s a pity to part with them. How not to become a hostage of the situation?

Common interests

Keeping your identity in a relationship is great and right. Everyone’s personal happiness in the family should not depend on another person. Such dependence can destroy relationships. But there should always be points of contact when spouses spend time together doing what they love and enjoy doing it. And this is not a compromise when she hates football and every time she makes herself watch matches for him. Traveling together, travelling, sports, diving, fishing, filming – this is where you can develop together, enjoy it and share your interests.

When a loved one does not share your hobby, it can be one of the reasons for an unnecessary quarrel. For example, a husband loves diving at sea, and his wife ignores it in every possible way. Sooner or later the husband will stop sharing this topic with his beloved one, will spend more time with friends on interests, leave home, or even find someone who will support him in everything.

It is very important to have a QUALITY pastime for the couple. Not just is in the same area together – when he plays his console, and she talks to her friend on the phone near – it does not count. Play the console together, buy games for two and compete.


Jealousy is the most insidious feeling that makes you doubt your choice. It’s not true that best friends can’t envy each other. No, jealousy in this case is very quiet. Let’s just compare yourself with other families and think “why shouldn’t I?” These are the first calls.

You know or at least feel what you need to be happy. But it should never be based on “living in a way that makes me jealous. It’s not great. Don’t look up to anyone, live your life for yourself (and not like everyone else will think of you).

Have there been situations where everything is okay at home, but after you meet your friends, do you have any doubts? “Here, they bought a new car, but we didn’t,” “they go somewhere together all the time, and we sit at home,” “they’re in such good physical shape, and we won’t get to the gym,” etc. Of course, we should always strive for the best, be better for each other, not because Sasha and Vika have it like this.

Such motivation should come only from you, try for each other. You don’t have to chew on your second half “why aren’t you like him/her? Most often we see only good things in other families, what they put on display and let you see. There is a beautiful picture, which causes this feeling of inferiority. But nobody knows what they have achieved, what they have been through, what problems they face in life (which are not usually talked about with friends). Few people think about the other side of the coin when they set an example for the person they love. The feeling of envy leads to confusion, sowing discord and doubt in the family. Compare yourself less with others.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any relationship. The partners should be completely satisfied with each other and let this part of their lives go unattended – definitely not worth it. Diversity, satisfaction and regularity are the key to a happy relationship. The other half won’t even look the other way if they get everything they need:

-Diversity. So that it wouldn’t be boring. Even scientists claim that the production of dopamine, the hormone of happiness, is reduced in the case of monotonous sex with the same partner.
-Regularity. An excellent way to relieve stress for both partners, reduces the likelihood of finding the missing sex on the side, and why miss the opportunity to have fun. Single elbows bite, and married people always have a loved one! Take advantage of it while you have the opportunity. Even once a week – it is not enough, or better – every day (through “do not want”, “laziness” and “headache”, just start).
-Satisfaction. Be sincere with your partner. By simulating, you deceive each other and do not give them a chance to get better. Do everything you can to make every night enjoyable for yourself. Dissatisfaction with sex is exactly the same as the absence of intimate relationships at all.

Love each other sincerely, support each other no matter what, and never look around.