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How to finish the game of shooting balls on balls

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How to finish the game of shooting balls on balls

When a person smokes, he has a complete illusion before self-hypnosis that he is very busy. A hand, a mouth are busy, a certain layer of culture, social gestures, public approval and a look at it as a socially acceptable occupation are connected to a simple outing with a cigarette in my teeth (say, if I just go out on the balcony or start blowing bubbles – what do you say? That's the same).

So, what am I doing this for? Now it’s only about teenagers who are sitting on the phone or at the computer. My friends … Here I could write “well, you understand” and finish this.

Actually, it’s not just about the free hormones of joy, which they again love to write about. The fact is that there is the same self-deception, including among adults. Perhaps there were more “actual” information per hour spent with the phone than in previous times during the year, I talked to hundreds of people (number of Today), climbed in there, saw this … Yes, there is a feeling from a poor child that you run three banks! Therefore, aggression and painful arrogance (because it is not arrogance in the initial sense of the word) in response to the fact that the parent, stunned by what he saw, entering the room, asks at least to put on a second leg. If you now had an operation to rescue a company that you conduct remotely, how would you react to a scream in the real world “wash the dishes”? Well, at least: “Maryivanna, I would use your problems,” and then this is a reaction for Zen students.

The fact that to finish this game of shooting with balls at balls is not an important job at all, also try to explain. Didn’t we taught to finish everything? There is expressed approval (prizes, the next level), and parental approval for a washed plate and even a house built will not replace this, and public approval is very difficult in our time. And here it is ready. And if there is a team game? Everything, the parent lost in advance, the child can’t let his fellow friends, it doesn’t matter that the virtual team is called “Tigers of the East” (I changed the name a little) and 99% of its players are on another continent and almost like a parent on average age. The latter fact, by the way, is very supportive of the child. Such a cloud of adults sits here – is it a sin for him at the age of eleven.

The types of support there are generally diverse. For example, a teenager may declare that his co-toys are already big, study and work, and at the same time do not read any of your stupid books, so he won’t. And the parent will have to quickly realize that it is not necessary to portray a drama queen with a portrait of Pushkin in his hands, but to offer to think: is he studying? But what did he do? and he doesn’t read at school? That's it. And with what certificate did he act? and what was his literature? Do not lie to yourself, a good score is needed there, which means that I read it at school. And do these uncles work? Oh great. So be it, the slave is not a pilgrim, the door is there, go get a job, and when you barely crawl into the evening from there – I give an honest pioneer that I will not run after you with Tom Lermontov. Is going? Hey hey where, what kind of literature, what lessons?

Perhaps it is easier for those parents who have been deciding everything since childhood with a wave of a magic belt. Up – and the tigers sat at my feet. And yes, brought up one way or another, we stupidly do not know how to raise our children in a different way, there are no patterns, we feel like losers (and this is what the child sees). And before that there was no Internet. But the child has to live in this world, in a new one, and work there, and Achieve Success (and justify other similar phrases, yeah). But those brought up with a belt, which was forbidden to get sick with childhood diseases in childhood, will get sick with them at the earliest opportunity, and in adults this is worse.

Alternative? Risking anything at all that a parent can risk, and letting the child understand something. And by the way, to be prepared for what he will understand about life is not at all what the parent understood. But this will not be the life of the parent, but the child.

For eleven years, the flight is normal, and it continues …

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