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How do you know your man wants to leave you?


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The success of a relationship depends on many factors, the main thing is not to lose the same “light” that keeps you together, no matter what. But how do you understand that feelings are gone? After all, we can not get into the head of his partner, and scientists have not yet invented the “chest of love. Nevertheless, there are signs that can be used to judge a breakup.

1. love dies on the lips.

When you first started dating, you literally couldn’t get away from each other. Remember the passionate kisses from which everything is numb inside and wanted more and more… But after years of relationships, or even decades of intoxicating kissing remained only in the memories, they were replaced by dry “peck” in the cheek or forehead. Psychologists have long noted that kisses are an indicator of healthy relationships. If kissing has become disgusting, you can pack your bags.

2. At night, it does not hug you anymore.

This is another characteristic indicator of the cooling down of feelings. During sleep, the person is not in control and the body language is never deceived. During the day, a man may show tenderness and care, but during sleep he turns his back on the wall, although before you always slept in a hug.

3. the man stopped taking you to events.

If you used to always attend parties, birthdays and holidays together, now he goes there alone. He also prefers to have a beer with friends in the evenings, rather than going to the movies with you. When a guy wants to spend his leisure time without you, he will most likely offer to disperse soon.

4. The man stopped showing compassion.

Love manifests itself not only in passion and tenderness, but also in compassion. When a loved one ceases to show compassion, detachment and indifference to your problems, it indicates a rapid breakup. For example, in the past, when you cried, a man couldn’t stand your crying eyes and tried to comfort you as hard as he could. And now he’s acting cold and your tears only annoy him.

5. You stopped making plans together.

In a couple where there is stability and confidence in the relationship, willy-nilly there is talk of a joint future. For example, a man can say: “In summer, when we return from vacation, we will glue the wallpaper in the bedroom. That is, the partner knows that your relationship is serious and he wants them to continue. In case a girl gets the theme of the future, where she describes the joint plans, and the man brushes them off, then he doubts that your relationship will be long.

6. Sadness in the eyes, when looking at you.

Always pay attention to the eyes, because they always give the truth. For example, a man can show his smile on duty, but at the same time in his head to think about something bad, such as parting. To say, “Honey, we need to part,” he takes a long time to think about it. You’d be surprised, but men don’t like to go away and pull until the last moment to make a decision. Therefore, a dreary look in your direction can give out his thoughts about leaving.

7. Unexpected kindness and attention.

Sometimes men want to sweeten the bitter “pill” and a month before the parting begin to behave very gently and courteously. During this period, a strong floor fills the woman with compliments, presents flowers and invites her to restaurants. Once again, having invited her companion to a chic place, the man finally finds the strength to voice the decision to end the relationship.

Each parting is comparable to a “little” death, at this moment the mental pain is stronger than physical. It is impossible to protect oneself from divorce or termination of relations, each person sooner or later passes through it.

I want to finish the article with an old Indian proverb: a horse is dead – get off it.